Learn to read with a help of an app

After learning the basics, the next step can come. Kids Learn to Read offers various games with the help of Tommy the Turtle. The app approaches literacy from different sides: some games help kids to practice learning, some to build words and some focus on spelling.

By upgrading the application even word families are taught. All processes are formed as a game with friendly animal characters which is appealing for children. Kids Learn to Read offers some additional apps as well in case the child is not confident yet with the alphabet or its sounds: Kids ABC Letters and Kids ABC Phonics are serving this purpose.

Puzzles to improve the brain

Kids Preschool Puzzles is one of the most downloaded preschool apps on Google Play. Not by accident. While learning the numbers and the alphabet are also important, playing puzzle games result in a totally different kind of improvement. Unlike knowing letters or the names of colors, it is not about factual knowledge but about the way of thinking and using the brain which is the base of gaining any factual knowledge.

This means puzzle games are important for the development of the brain and moreover, they are fun. Kids Preschool Puzzles has puzzles in different categories, like animals, food, sports, professions and so on. Even the level of difficulty can be set providing entertainment for more age groups. Sadly, just like in the case of the previous apps, the free version is quite limited here as well, offering only two types of puzzles.

Educational cartoons

Active ways of learning are always more efficient but also some more passive methods can be useful too as an addition. Playkids offers the combination of the two. It comes with loads of educational cartoons but these short videos are not the kind of cartoons children just sit and watch. They invite the kids to participate by having to name objects or through built-in sing along.

What is more, some language learning cartoons are also available – although so far only in English, Portuguese and Spanish – but still it is an important feature as learning foreign languages is easier in an earlier age. Unfortunately, the case with the free version is the same here and the cartoons fit only for toddlers but not really for children who are already one step from school.