Ayaka Talent Priority

Ayaka Talent Priority

With the release of the 2.0 version of Genshin impact, we get to meet KamistoAyaka. She is one of the favorite characters in the Genshin impact world. Ayaka is an S tear cyro DPS and her talent shin in every team comp. She is best suited for freeze comps. Many players were first little hesitant to pull her banner, but she became one of the beloved characters. 

About Ayaka

Ayaka belongs to the Inazuma’s Kamisto clan. Older daughter with she has a big brother name KamistoAyato. He looks after the clan’s external and internal affairs. Ayaka is a gentle soul that puts others first instead of herself. Shirasagi Himegimi is the title she has earned by the trust placed on her whom are close to Ayaka. She is considered to be the perfect role model for everyone in Inazuma. 

Cyro DPS build for Ayaka

Ayakais a constant cyro applier. With the help of her elemental burst and skill and also her passive allows players to apply cryo on constant bases. With artifacts that increase cryo abilities and the right set of weapons, you can make Ayaka one of the strongest cryo DPS in the game. Ayaka talent priority should be set to her full efficiency, so you can multiply the damage. 

Ayaka can become your main and Sub DPS in your team. You need a good set of artifacts. All you want to change between Sub and main DPS is the weapon that she will use in the fight. Ayaka’s talent priority has to be her elemental burst to utilize her sword and the sword’s secondary state. 

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Weapon recommendation 

In the limited-time weapon banner, you can pull Mistsplitter Reforged. It is Ayaka’s main weapon and suits her well in combat. If you have a Primordial jade cutter, then you can skip Ayaka’s weapon banner or Amenoma Kageuchi. These are a list of weapons that suits Ayaka. 

Artifact recommendation 

Blizzard Strayer is the best artifact set available for Ayaka. With 4 piece Blizzard Strayer, you get bonuses that you won’t want to miss and it will only increase the efficiency of Ayaka. Here for bonuses:

+15% Cryo Damage 

  • While equipping Blizzard Strayer, when Ayaka will attack her opponents, the set will provide a 20% CRIT Rate in addition to what you have currently and when the attack freezes the enemy, it will increase the 20% CRIT Rate on top of 20% CRIT you got earlier. 
  • If you want to maximize her talents, then be careful about the substations you choose while equipping the artifacts, recommend stats are ATK%, CRIT DMG, CRIT RATE, Energy recharge, and Cryo DMG Bonus. 

Ayaka team comps

The team comp that you should be looking for should be consistent with these elements: cryo Sub DPS, Anemo support, and Hydro. They will give Ayaka’s DMG a boost and will only increase her efficiency in the team. 

Characters you should be using as a team for Ayaka:

Character  Element  
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Genshin Ayaka talent priority

Genshin Ayaka talent priority should be increasing the talent level of Elemental Burst. Then Ayaka talent priority should be her elemental skill and then normal attack as secondary talents to upgrade. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q- What talents should I prioritize for Ayaka?

Ans. You should prioritize Ayaka’s Elemental Burst. It will provide you with the best damage numbers on a practical base. After increasing the talent of Elemental Burst, you should go for the other two talents. 

Q- How do you maximize Ayaka damage?

Ans. You need a good artifact set to maximize your damage with Ayaka. Blizzard Strayer is the best artifact set available for Ayaka. It provides you with 20% damage when you hit an enemy and if you freeze your enemy, you get additional 20% more damage. 


Ayaka is a fan favorite in Genshin impact. Her character model is very cool and her abilities as a cryo DPS are no less than any good five-star. You can make her a sub DPS and as well as a main DPS only thing you have to change is her weapon. MistsplitterReforged is Ayaka’s main weapon but you also use a Primordial jade cutter. It is the most flexible weapon on the list. You can use different team comp and utilize Ayaka to her full potential. Genshin Ayaka talent priority should be her elemental skill and then going for her other talents. 

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