It is an era of fastest internet. It is an era of gigabit internet and Comcast is no way behind. It announced to be offering such internet service in the Chicago metropolitan soon, but only as a part of multi-city trial period.

As of now Comcast is already testing the same gigabit internet service in Atlanta and Nashville and delivering 1Gbps speeds by relying on DOCSIS 3.1. The trails started earlier this year.

DOCSIS 3.1 is a modem standard in modern era internet service to help the transmitting of data via traditional coaxial cable lines. It is said in some situations the internet using such technology is even faster than fiber optic cables.

If the technology succeeds, the company does not need laying down new wires. It is also said Comcast may not need to rework too on any other aspects of its existing infrastructure.

However, it is not to forget the new technology is highly expensive and costs $140 a month under no contract deal and excluding of taxes and fees. This mean the service will be more expensive than earlier assumed to get the fastest internet.

For the users in Atlanta and Nashville the company is currently offering the gigabit internet service for $70 a month under a three-year contract policy, but in Chicago there is no such option. Customers need to avail at $140+Taxes.

Comcast, “As these are advanced consumer trials, we are testing different prices and promotions in different markets.”

Meanwhile, Atlanta is also learned to be getting AT&T’s gigabit internet services soon and Nashville has Google Fiber internet service.