Which Places Can Help In Igniting Affairs (Part II)

Which Places Can Help In Igniting Affairs (Part II)


Which Places Can Help In Igniting Affairs (Part I)

Social media

Social media is the best place to reconnect with your old friend and recollect good old days when both were younger and had less responsibility compared to that of today. Both start fantasizing with one another about what could have been their lives if they had stayed together. Soon deeper intimacy comes in mind.

Social circle

Existing social circles also plays an important role in bringing two people closer and finally turning into life partner. The basic reason is that the two knows each other and even their families are familiar with them.

Volunteering gig

Bonding between two people also comes while volunteering for a common cause as both are working together for a common objective and a sort of energy is build up to become more vulnerable to each other’s attraction.


At church one can get into a false sense of intimacy. It can be between two members or between a leader and a member. Usually this happens when one talks to other about his or her marriage problems and seeks comfort, failing to realize the other person may take advantage or can develop feelings.


If you don’t want to cheat your existing relationship, be aware before getting too much acquainted with opposite sex at these places. If you are really looking to have an affair, consider the places as opportunity to get someone good in your life.