Jonah Hill Tattoos & Meanings - Tech Preview

Jonah Hill is a funny guy who acts in movies and makes them too. He likes to write stories, and he’s been doing it since he was little. Some of the movies he’s made are called Superbad, Knocked Up, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. He’s also helped with the writing of other movies like 21 Jump Street, 22 Jump Street, Sausage Party, and Why Him?

In 2018, he was in a show on Netflix called Maniac, and he even directed a movie called Mid90s, which he wrote himself.

Jonah Hill has a lot of tattoos on his body, which make him look cool and famous. Let’s learn more about his tattoos and what they mean.

A guy named Bret Krak, who works at a tattoo shop in Brooklyn, probably did most, if not all, of Jonah’s tattoos. In 2019, Jonah talked about him on a TV show called Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Jonah said that when he was in his twenties, he tried really hard to be what others wanted him to be, but he didn’t know who he really was. But in the past few years, he’s been happier because he decided to just be himself.

Arm Tattoos

Jonah has a tattoo on his right arm that shows Bart Simpson’s head with some bones crossed below it. It’s all in black and grey colors.

Bart Simpson is a character from a funny TV show called The Simpsons. The skull and bones in the tattoo belong to Bart Simpson.

The skull and bones are a picture that looks like a scary head with two long bones crossed underneath it. A long time ago, people used this picture on gravestones to remember someone who died. They also used it to scare people or keep away bad things.

Baby with Dollar Tattoo

Jonah has a tattoo on his left wrist that shows a baby inside a dollar sign. It looks really cool. The dollar sign covers the baby’s face in the tattoo.

Logo on Back-BODY LOVE

Jonah has a tattoo on the upper right side of his body, near his right shoulder. It’s a circle with the words ‘Torso LOVE’ inside it, and it also has a hand sign that looks like ‘rock on.’ It’s kind of like the logo for a clothing brand called Body Glove.

Jonah talked about this tattoo and wrote a letter where he shared that it took him a long time, until he was 37, to like and accept himself. He wants kids who might feel shy about their bodies to know they are great just the way they are. And he even mentioned a newspaper called Daily Mail that couldn’t stop him from smiling.

Chest Tattoo

Jonah has a tattoo on his chest that shows a big ship from a long time ago called a clipper ship. On one side of the ship, there’s a picture of a scary-looking panther, and on the other side, there’s a picture of a wolf. These animals are also part of the tattoo.

Dagger Tattoo

Jonah has a colorful tattoo of a dagger on the inside of his right forearm.

A dagger tattoo can mean different things. It can show the good things about us, like being strong and brave. But it can also remind us about tough times or danger in life, and sometimes even death. So, it can mean both good and not-so-good things.

Pair of Dolphins Tattoo

Jonah got a tattoo on the inside of his left forearm. It shows two dolphins jumping near a palm tree.

Dolphins are known as a symbol of family and being friendly. They’re really good at making friends and being together with others.

People often get tattoos of palm trees because they can mean living forever and the flow of time. Some people also call it the Tree of Life, and it’s a symbol of peace and happiness.

Jonah Hill’s girlfriend, Sarah Brady, talked about him getting a tattoo in December 2021. She called him the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ actor because he was famous for that movie. Later, Jonah showed everyone his new tattoo on Instagram. It showed two dolphins jumping near a palm tree.

Red Heart Tattoo

Jonah has a big red heart tattoo on his left upper arm. On the heart, there’s a white banner that says ‘MOM,’ and below the heart, it also says ‘MOM.’

Jonah got this tattoo to show how much he loves his mom, Sharon Lyn Chalkin. She’s from the United States and works as a fashion stylist and costume designer. It’s his way of saying he really cares about his mom.

Chest Tattoo-Pirate Ship with a Wolf and a Panther Face

Jonah has a tattoo on his chest, but he hasn’t talked much about what it stands for. The tattoo shows a big pirate ship, and there are two animal faces on it. On one side of the ship, there’s the face of a wolf, and on the other side, there’s the face of a panther.


Jonah has the words ‘HELLO BEANIE’ tattooed on his left arm.

He got this tattoo as a special gift for his sister, Beanie. He did it in 2018 when Beanie acted in a play called ‘Hello, Dolly!’ on Broadway. Jonah said he’s copying his younger sister because she’s cool and a leader, even though she’s 10 years younger. He thinks Beanie is amazing and helped him feel more confident about himself.

Gorilla Tattoo

Jonah has a funny gorilla tattoo on his right arm, and it has the word “JOSH” below it.

Palm Tree Tattoo

Jonah also has a smaller palm tree tattoo on his left arm. People say palm trees symbolize being peaceful and calm all around the world.

Skull Tattoo

Jonah has a colorful tattoo of a skull on his left arm, and he has lots of tattoos.

Skulls usually mean something scary like death or bad stuff. But sometimes people change them by adding things like hats, scarves, or even bows and arrows to make them less scary. They do this to make the skull not seem so spooky.

Spider Web Tattoo

Jonah has a tattoo of a spiderweb on his left elbow, and it covers the whole area.

Some people might think a spiderweb tattoo means someone has been in jail before, but not everyone thinks that. Others believe it shows someone is creative and can be clever and protective.

Roaring Tiger Tattoo

Jonah has a tattoo of a fierce-looking tiger on his left arm, and it’s colored yellow. This tiger symbolizes courage, strength, and determination to achieve goals.

Honey Bee Tattoo

Jonah also has a tattoo of a honey bee on his left arm, and it’s colorful. The honey bee represents working hard and not giving up, like being committed and persistent.

A memorial tattoo on the left forearm, dedicated to my grandma

Jonah has a tattoo on his left arm that shows a heart outline with the words ‘Nancy Rules’ inside. It’s his first tattoo, and he got it to remember his grandma.

His grandma didn’t like the character he played in a movie called ‘The Wolf of Wall Street,’ and she told him to change his role. So, he got this tattoo to remember her.

Pirate Tattoo

Jonah Hill has a tattoo of a pirate’s face on his right shoulder. People think having a pirate tattoo can help you be strong and protect yourself like a pirate.

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