Which Places Can Help In Igniting Affairs (Part I)

Which Places Can Help In Igniting Affairs (Part I)


Most of the affairs ignite at workplace, gym, church and some more similar social places where people have common objective and goal. In a survey the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy found 25 percent men and 15 percent women have affairs outside of their long-term relationship.

Usually people think bar or a nightclub is a better place to cheat partner and ignite new affairs, but the survey reveals these two places are not found in the top six common places.

Hundreds of couples were surveyed and the first question asked were where they had met each other. Below are those places listed. Have a look.


Workplace is one of the best places where two persons can easily fall for each other. Igniting affair is much easier in office compared to other places, even it is better than nightclub or a bar. Experts believe as people go to work with makeup in the morning and their hair is fresh, getting attracted is easier. Added to this is their shared creative energy, passion and goals about projects bring two people together.


Gym is the second best place to start an affair, reveals the survey. Body display ignites physical attraction and it seems as if one is available and accessible. The most common type of affair in gym is between a trainer and the client as they become emotionally close while providing gym support.

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