There are many types of natural pest control options. Here is a list of some of the more common ones.

Boric acid – This is one of the more recognizable organic pesticides that is extremely effective at killing insects. It is a byproduct of a mineral called borate which is mined. Boric acid is available in powder and liquid form. It is toxic to plants so it should be used only around homes and buildings.

Neem oil – Neem oil comes from the nut of the neem tree and is one of the most effective organic pesticides that is safe for use on plants and gardens. It is applied as a foliar spray to the stem and leaves of plants to kill as deter insects.

Insecticidal soap- These soaps are all made from the fatty acids of plants or animals and are really simply highly refined versions of ordinary dish soap. The main benefit to using insecticidal soap as natural pest control is that they kill predatory insects such as aphids, but have little effect on other beneficial insects.

Diatomaceous earth – This substance looks like a powder, but is actually created by crushing up the exoskeletons and remains of tiny marine animals called diatoms. The composition of the material is almost entirely comprised of silica. Diatomaceous earth is very effective at killing crawling insects and insects that live in the soil. This natural pest control is applied by sprinkling it over the ground, or mixing it into the soil.

There are many other organic pesticide options available for the concerned homeowner. It’s best to research as many organic pesticide options as possible and try them out to see which one works best for a specific pest problem.