The Pros and Cons of Tungsten Carbide Rings

The Pros and Cons of Tungsten Carbide Rings


Whenever people think about their wedding bands they directly start deciding between gold or Platinum. However, it might come as a surprise to many of those people that another material in the market is slowly getting way more popular than those two items along with being highly affordable. That material is called tungsten carbide which is a highly bold and unique item if you are looking for something just like that.

What is tungsten carbide?

By definition, tungsten carbide is the outcome of combining carbon with tungsten, a dense and hard metal that has a very high melting point. In its natural and unmodified state, tungsten carbide has a deep grey color but it can surely be sandblasted, polished, or carved according to your requirements.

What to look for in a tungsten carbide ring?

If you have decided to get a tungsten carbide ring there are certain things that you must look for at the time of deciding your band. The thing that you need to look for is that the ring must be at least 80% tungsten. This is a level of purity at which tungsten carbide is 10 times harder than gold and has a weight that is similar to Platinum.

Apart from purity, it is important to consider the size of the ring. As mentioned above, tungsten carbide is a material that is very hot in nature which makes them very difficult to size. It is recommended to buy a ring that is half size up than your regular size.

Pros of Tungsten carbide ring

There is no shortage of benefits when it comes to tungsten carbide rings some of them are as follows:

  • Wide variety of colors and styles
  • Enhance durability and hardness
  • If you have any sort of energy from Platinum or Gold you can definitely try and wear tungsten carbide rings as they are highly antiallergic.
  • High wear-resistance
  • High scratch-resistance
  • Remains polished virtually forever
  • Tarnish resistant
  • Tungsten carbide rings are comparatively easier and faster to remove from your fingers in case of any medical emergency.
  • Tungsten does not bend out of shape as it is very hard which means during an accident the ring will not change its shape in a way where it would damage your finger making them hypoallergenic.
  • Not to mention the fact that tungsten carbide rings apart from being highly luxurious are more affordable than their platinum and gold counterparts.

Cons of Tungsten Carbide Rings

Just like any other material, there are some shortcomings for tungsten carbide rings as well. One of them is that there is a high chance that the seller will sell you a tungsten carbide ring whose purity is lower than 80%.

Also because of it being characteristically hard, they are comparatively more susceptible to cracking if they are dropped on hard surfaces like marble or cement.

Some people find it is an advantage that these rings are heavy but some may see it as a disadvantage depending upon their preferences. Carbide rings cannot be resized which could also be a disadvantage for many people.

Due to the lack of exposure, these types of rings are not traded openly and commonly so even if you want to get the ring it will be comparatively more difficult.

If you want to turn your tungsten carbide ring into cash, that process is not going to be easy as well as tungsten carbide rings are not traded openly and widely, unlike gold which is traded on the world’s commodities market which makes it highly liquid.

How to take care of a tungsten carbide ring?

It is safe to believe that because of their rigidness and durability, the level of maintenance required is comparatively lower but that does not mean you should not care for them at all. The best way to take care of tungsten rings is to ensure that these are not dropped on hard surfaces like cement or marble which can make them crack and difficult to repair.





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