Have Chelsea and Bre Selling Sunset resolved their drama- Tech Preview

Chelsea Lazkani from Selling Sunset expressed that she feels sorry about the drama that happened with Bre Selling Sunset in Season 6. Chelsea is known not only for her stylish appearance on the show but also for the conflicts she’s involved in.

During Season 6, Chelsea and the new member, Bre Selling Sunset, had a strained relationship because of issues related to Bre’s child’s father and their own relationship. Chelsea even made a statement at one point suggesting that Bre had hostile intentions towards her.

When Chelsea thought about the past season and got ready for the next one, she thought about the argument she had with Bre Selling Sunset.

Does Chelsea feel bad about the fight with Bre Selling Sunset?

On August 11, Chelsea talked to The Hollywood Reporter about the problems she had with Bre Selling Sunset during Season 6 and how things are between them now.

She explained, “I think she’s worthy of respect, but we’re not close. I don’t usually feel sorry for things I’ve said, but I wish I had started my relationship with her differently.”

“I put a lot of my past emotional pain on her, which wasn’t really fair. That’s probably why we have this problem in our relationship. I could have handled things better.”

The reality TV star continued to tell fans that she does have a caring and supportive side.

Chelsea also said, “I could have let my kindness and care shine more, so people could see who I really am. But relationships take time to develop. I usually don’t stay mad at people and believe things can get better to some extent. I hope we can make things right.”

Viewers will find out soon if the two can finally move past their issues, as Season 7 is scheduled to start in October.

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