Walmart Hoarding ps5 Consoles!

The holiday season is something kids wait for a whole year and get their hands on their favorite console, like PlayStation5. The holiday season has landed so the frustration of parents and families is because of no availability of PS5. A video on TikTok shows the distribution warehouse full of PS5. 85 claims Walmart hoarding ps5.

The footage is uploaded by a TikTok user, hishamhasan3. TikTok footage shows stacks filled with PlayStation5 in a storage facility that seems like Walmart. He Claims Walmart hoarding ps5. The numbers of PlayStation5 seem to be in the hundreds, stacked over one another. Check out the video here:

The video, which is gaining more views by the hours, right now has over 3 million visits, 400 thousand likes, and 5,000 comments on it. Hishamhasan3 has received a massive amount of attention through this video.  Some users want to invade Walmart out of frustration of not getting their console. Some users are complaining about the price.

Christmas Sale?

Many people believe that Walmart is stockpiling PlayStation5 for the Christmas shopping season, stockpiling already, so everyone has the chance to buy one. But one thing is clear according to the video that Walmart hoarding ps5

Other users on TikTok are speculating that,  and one who works for Walmart, this is not something out of order, and Walmart distributes its items in a small volume at a time.

Why is Walmart overcharging for PS5?

Stock shortages help feed this cycle. The demand for PS5 is really incredible.  Moreover, the shortage that is going on for global chips proves that Sony has had problems increasing production to match it. That is the reason why the restocking of PS5 is sporadic. This is the main reason why they sell out almost instantly every time it happens.


Wrapping up the article: Walmart Hoarding ps5 Consoles! We got, the problem with the shortage of PlayStation5 will not get solved even if Walmart were to sell its PS5 supplies. Even Sony has acknowledged the shortage of PlayStation5, with the success of PlayStation5 all around the world, known for being the best quality product, production needs more time. We have to recognize that PS5 outsold the PS4 by more than 10 million units. This shortage will last until 2022.

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Aanchal Rao