Security Applications for Artificial Intelligence

AI applications have a tremendous amount of promise in the area of security. With the improvement of voice-recognition, facial recognition and statistical analysis algorithms, homes and businesses can use AI to increase safety and improve network security. The Department of Defense also takes advantage of the best AI technology to trace terrorists and identify danger for the U.S.

AI for Home and Business Security

Artificial intelligence applications can provide excellent protection in the area of network security or physical security. AI-powered firewalls can even provide network security – instead of a firewall that must be manually updated frequently, requiring a great deal of human intervention, AI-powered firewalls can maintain the knowledge base, and install updates as they are received. The use of AI in network security reduces the amount of manpower required by a business, and lowers network risks, thereby reducing costs.

AI can also improve physical security for homes and businesses, in a variety of situations. Data mining can analyze video surveillance tapes, to identify any ‘suspicious’ individuals. In a smart home security system, the AI program is given information on who is allowed entrance, and when. A maid, for example, may be allowed entrance, but only on Tuesday mornings. Her key-code would not work if she attempted to enter the home on a Thursday afternoon without clearance from the homeowner.

AI and National Security

National security can benefit from many applications of AI, such as data mining. Data mining technology, for example, is used in various counter-terrorism applications.

Pattern recognition software: Can trace the movement of money and those who finance terrorism.
Computer-aided Translation programs: Can augment the activities of human linguists, who are always understaffed.

Image evaluation programs: Can clarify and pick out details on aerial surveillance photos, in order to look for dangerous equipment, military actions, or other information.

Video game-style programs: Can enter variables about a terrorist group to determine the potential repercussions of a local action.

Smart Security

Artificial intelligence programming is in a constant state of improvement, even though no computer has officially passed the Turing Test as yet. AI applications are varied, and becoming more useful in society and business. Taking advantage of the computing power of AI applications to analyze trends and other information can provide a tremendous edge up for businesses, as well as provide protection for consumers in a variety of ways. While humans are in no danger of being displaced by AI programs in most areas, and the singularity is still far off, the potential for AI applications to augment human workers in the security arena provides benefits for homes, businesses and the nation at large.

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