What Happened To Maurizio Gucci's Girlfriend Paola Franchi- Tech Preview

Paola Franchi’s love story with Maurizio Gucci sadly ended in the 1990s, leaving her heartbroken. Despite the deep sorrow, she managed to find the strength to move on. Paola, once an interior designer, keeps cherished photos of her late partner and their son in her home, holding onto precious memories from their time together.

In November 2021, the highly anticipated movie “House of Gucci” hit theaters, drawing audiences from around the world. This film brought to life one of Italy’s most famous stories about the downfall of Maurizio Gucci, the late heir of the Gucci empire.

The movie featured a talented cast and won awards, telling the story of Maurizio’s life, his marriage to Patrizia Reggiani, and his passionate relationship with Paola Franchi. They were living together and planning to marry before Maurizio’s tragic murder.

After their love story was brought to the big screen with the performances of Adam Driver, Lady Gaga, Al Pacino, Jared Leto, and Salma Hayek, people became curious about Paola’s real-life experience and how she carried on after Maurizio’s passing.

The Beginning of Paola and Maurizio’s Love Story

Paola, who had transitioned from being an interior designer to an artist, entered into a relationship with Maurizio after both of their marriages had ended. Their love story began in 1990, and they quickly moved in together into a luxurious apartment in Milan, along with Paola’s son, Charly.

Their connection was instant and intense when they reunited. Paola fondly remembered, “we fell in love right away. Maurizio used to say that we were like two halves of the same apple.” Their love deepened, leading to their eventual engagement.

Paola pleaded with Maurizio to get a bodyguard

Even though Paola and Maurizio were happily together, Paola revealed that Maurizio’s former wife was constantly following them. Patrizia was said to have “informants” among Maurizio’s friends who would give her details about their plans and business matters.

Patrizia would also pester Maurizio with phone calls and tapes, making threats against him. Paola expressed her concern, saying, “I begged him to hire a bodyguard, but he refused. He didn’t think Patrizia would carry out her threats because of their daughters,” Paola sadly recalled.

In March 1995, Maurizio was killed in public by a contract killer. Two years later, Patrizia was one of five people accused of planning and carrying out the murder of her former husband. She ended up serving 16 years in prison before being released on parole in 2014.

While Paola continued to grieve for Maurizio, she tragically lost her son Charly to suicide in 2001. It was a sudden and unexpected loss, and for a year after his death, she carried a lot of anger inside her. Nevertheless, she knew she had to continue with her life because she wanted to keep moving forward.

In 2010, Paola made the decision to share her life story and released a memoir titled “L’amore Spezzato,” which translates to “Broken Love” in English. The former interior designer, who had remained silent about her experiences for more than ten years, openly discussed the emotional turmoil she went through. This gained even more attention after the release of the movie “House of Gucci.”

She shared her story with love, starting from her deep passion for her work as an interior decorator and her transformation into a figurative artist, all while persevering through her hardships.

Paola also mentioned that she kept photographs of Maurizio and Charly throughout her home. She explained, “I like having their faces nearby to greet them.” Despite the media portraying her as a “glamorous gold digger,” she brushed aside the criticism, insisting that her relationship with Maurizio was genuine and pointing out that her former husband was actually wealthier than Maurizio.

Camille Cottin portrayed Paola in ‘House of Gucci’

In a November 2021 interview, Camille Cottin discussed her role as Paola, highlighting that Paola and Patrizia were two very different women coming from “completely different backgrounds.” The actress recognized that Paola had faced significant challenges, especially since she was the second woman in Maurizio’s life.

By grasping the unique backgrounds of these two women, the actress was able to uncover the contrasting dynamics in Maurizio’s relationships. On one hand, there was his relationship with Patrizia, the woman who shaped him into the person he became, and on the other hand, his romance with Paola.

Some Questions

Did Paola Franchi receive any inheritance from Gucci?

No, Paola didn’t receive any part of Maurizio’s fortune because they weren’t married when he passed away. She always maintained that their relationship was built on love rather than money, even though the media sometimes depicted her as someone chasing wealth.

Did Paola Franchi ever marry?

Paola was a childhood friend of Italian businessman Maurizio Gucci and attended his wedding to Patrizia Reggiani in 1972. In 1983, she married Giorgio Colombo, who worked in the copper industry. They welcomed their son, Charly, into the world in 1985.

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