In The Dark Season 4

Dark, a sci-fi show on Netflix, was on from December 1, 2017, to June 27, 2020. Many folks think it is one of Netflix’s top shows ever, and some even say it is the best German show ever made.

Dark was super popular, but it is not going to have another season. Three Seasons told a great story, and more would be like trying to get milk from a cow that’s not giving any. The cast had people like Ella Lee, Louis Hofmann, Maja Schone, and others.

In The Dark Season 4 would not make sense for a few reasons

Explaining Dark is tough, but in a nutshell, it is about the crazy things that happens with time travel. It all goes down in a made-up German town called Winden. The characters time travel through a cave and end up in bad situations. The story involves four families, and the timelines jump around from 2019 to 1888.

Sometimes, the show was super confusing because the characters from different times mixed up a lot. However, in the end, the show wrapped up nicely with a happy ending after lots of pain and sadness.

Making another season now would not work. It would be a waste because everything is already sorted. All the characters have good endings; doing more would feel like pushing it.

In a chat with The Hollywood Reporter in 2020, Jantje Friese, one of the creators of the series, said that ending the project when they did was the right call.

Why In the Dark Got Canceled

The year 2022 was rough for the CW; they cancelled a bunch of TV shows. In the Dark and other shows, they had the potential to keep going with big fan support. However, when Nexstar bought the network, they stopped more than ten projects, including In the Dark.

Some fans tried to save the shows with campaigns, but it did not work. In the end, In the Dark was one of the few that got a proper ending. They filmed two finales – one with a cliffhanger for a fifth season and the other, the one we saw in September 2022, in case there was no extra season.

What Fans Thought of the Ending

At first, people had different opinions about how the series ended. Some said it was bad, and others felt it could have ended better.

Most folks agreed that Seasons 1 and 2 were okay with building up the characters. Season 3 got really intense, and some fans did not like the direction it was going. By Season 4, it seemed like the story was going downhill.

People were especially not happy with how Murphy dealt with love and grief. Some fans wished she had a better ending, like going through a redemption journey instead of the things she did in the last parts of her story.

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The Last Scenes of In the Dark

Josh was a big deal in In the Dark because he was really obsessed with Murphy and caused much trouble. He sent her to jail, messed up her life, and even killed the person she loved.

To get back at him, Murphy, with the help of her friend Felix, decided to kill Josh. Some people did not like this because they thought Murphy should have done something better. They thought she let her feelings and past problems control her actions instead of doing the right thing.

Fans thought Murphy and Max would have a happy ending, maybe with a wedding or a baby. However, since Max died, that could not happen. So, after getting revenge on Josh, Murphy is left alone with her dog, Pretzel and her friend Felix.

People May Ask

Is there In The Dark Season 4?

In The Dark will not be back for a Season 5. The network said no in 2022, and fans were pretty bummed. In The Dark got cancelled, along with a bunch of other CW shows.

How does Dark end?

At the end of DARK, Jonas and Martha stop Marek from using the broken bridge in 1971, saving his family. They go back to H.G. Tannhaus’ home.

Is In the Dark totally done?

Yup, In The Dark got the boot from the CW. They cancelled many shows, including In The Dark, in the past year. Other shows like Dynasty, The Flash, and Riverdale also got the ax.

Why did Jess leave In the Dark?

In the Season 3 finale, Jess wanted to stay “dead.” She figured the only way to escape being a fugitive was to fake her death. So, she did that, got a job at a pet store, and was with Murphy moving on.