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Is peanut butter banned in Russia: In Season 4 of “Stranger Things,” a character named Yuri talks about how peanut butter, which is prohibited in Russia, is a highly sought-after item that he secretly brings back from the United States. Yuri is part of the group of Russian characters in the show who are really intrigued by American culture, whether it’s the food, events, or TV programs.

In this season, Yuri has a particular fondness for American peanut butter, while in Season 3, another Russian character, Alexei, had a soft spot for 7-Eleven’s Cherry Slurpee.

In the introduction of Season 4, we meet Enzo, Yuri’s buddy who works as a smuggler, shipping American goods from his fish and chip shop in Alaska. He explains why peanut butter is so beloved by his customers, including Yuri. Yuri mentions that peanut butter feels like a taste of home to him, and he especially likes the crunchy kind.

When Hopper escapes briefly from a Russian prison and ends up at the church where Yuri is hiding, he discovers jars of Jif’s peanut butter. After being deprived of it for nine months due to the ban, he can finally savor its taste again.

Interestingly, in Season 4 of “Stranger Things,” the plot involving peanut butter smuggling became a significant part of Joyce, Murray, and Hopper’s storyline in Russia. However, some people found this to be an exaggeration when it comes to the idea of a peanut butter ban in Russia.

In reality, there was never an official ban on peanut butter in Russia, but back in the 1980s, it was extremely difficult to come by in the Soviet Union. Due to the Cold War tensions between the United States and Russia, shipping and obtaining products like peanut butter in Yuri’s hometown would have been very challenging.

Even today, peanut butter is considered a luxury item in Russia and is mainly found in upscale markets, health food stores, and large supermarkets (according to SRAS). However, the fact remains that in the 1980s, peanut butter was indeed a rare commodity in Russia, so Yuri’s successful smuggling operation is rooted in historical facts.

While it is not entirely accurate to say there was a “ban” on peanut butter, it is connected to the trade tensions between the two countries during the 1980s. However, these tensions did not specifically target peanut butter.

The reason why “Stranger Things” Season 4 focuses on the scarcity of peanut butter in Russia may not be entirely accurate. However, at least Yuri’s jar of Jif peanut butter played a crucial role in helping Joyce and Murray escape from their confinement on the plane.

Yuri’s role in the Russian subplot of Season 4 also sheds light on how Russians in the show perceive Americans during that time. Russian guard Dmitry Antonov seems to view peanut butter, entertainment magazines, and cigarettes as some of the best things America has to offer.

In the upcoming episodes of Season 4, when Hopper returns to the United States, the show may wrap up this subplot by allowing the characters to savor a jar of peanut butter.

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