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Amy Ferson, who used to be married to TJ Holme, has made a name for herself as a successful journalist. She’s had a thriving career across various TV networks, where she’s gained a reputation for her impressive interviewing abilities. Amy has had the opportunity to interview many well-known individuals.

Now, Amy has established her own success as a conservative commentator and political expert at CNN. She’s been featured on popular CNN shows like “Anderson Cooper 360” and “Larry King Live.”

Amy’s journey in television began when she contributed to Fox News Channel. Her knack for conducting insightful interviews has allowed her to engage in discussions with notable figures, including Donald Trump, Karl Rove, senators, Donald Rumsfeld, governors, celebrities, members of Congress, and many others.

Throughout her career, Amy Ferson has achieved several notable accomplishments. In May 2000, she made it onto People Magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful People” list, which was a significant recognition. Additionally, she made guest appearances on popular TV shows like “The View” and “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

In 2016, she took a role on a Fox network drama series called “Shots Fired,” where she worked alongside talented actors like Sanaa Lathan and Helen Hunt.

Amy Ferson’s life journey began in Lusaka, Zambia, where she was born. During an interview with author Carol Joynt, she shared that her parents separated when she was just three years old, and she grew up with her mother in Seattle, Washington. After completing high school, Ferson pursued her education at Princeton University and earned a degree in Economics.

The details of Amy Ferson’s divorce from TJ Holmes are as follows

Back in March 2007, Ferson decided to file for divorce from her ex-husband. This divorce turned out to be quite expensive, and the judge made it clear that they should not bother each other. In the official divorce papers, Ferson stated that their marriage was beyond repair, and there was no chance of making things right between them.

In her legal filing, she also mentioned that they had gone their separate ways in October 2006, shortly after they had moved to Georgia. Interestingly, their separation happened around the same time that Holmes, her ex-husband, had landed his first significant career opportunity. This was when he had joined CNN as an correspondent and anchor.

In the legal paperwork, Amy Ferson requested financial support, explaining that her income wasn’t enough to cover her needs at the time. They also clarified in the documents that they didn’t have any children and didn’t plan to, despite having two kids together.

Their costly divorce was officially completed in June 2007, and they reached an agreement on the divorce settlement, which turned out to be quite expensive for T.J. Holmes.

As part of the settlement, Ferson received $2,000 each month in alimony for three years. She also received $25,000 out of their shared savings of $30,000, and T.J. Holmes covered the remaining lease on her BMW. Additionally, he provided her with healthcare benefits through his employer for several years. In total, T.J. Holmes’ divorce from Ferson cost him over $100,000.

Amy Ferson’s Ex-husband Filed for Divorce from Second Wife

In 2022, Amy Ferson’s former husband, Holmes, decided to file for divorce from his second wife, Marilee Fiebig, after being married for 12 years. This news surfaced amid rumors that Holmes might have had a romantic involvement with his colleague, Amy Robach, who was married to actor Andrew Shue.

The speculation started when pictures showed Holmes and Robach sharing moments of laughter and closeness at a pub in Manhattan. They were also seen visiting each other’s apartments and spending time together at a cottage in upstate New York.

Despite Holmes taking steps to initiate the divorce process with Fiebig, it appears that things have come to a halt for several months. The case hasn’t been assigned to a judge yet, and it hasn’t appeared on any court schedule for matrimonial cases.

Some Questions

What occurred in T.J. Holmes’ first marriage

According to legal documents obtained by The Sun, the judge ordered the former couple not to bother each other. Amy stated that their marriage was beyond repair and that there was no hope for reconciliation. This divorce turned out to be quite costly, with T.J. spending over $100,000.

What is Amy Ferson’s profession

Amy Ferson works as a political contributor and Conservative Commentator for CNN. She has made appearances on CNN programs such as Anderson Cooper 360 and Larry King Live.

Is T.J. Holmes in the process of divorcing his wife

The former host of GMA3 is presently going through a divorce from his wife of 12 years, Marilee Fiebig.

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