Adrienne Taub

Adrienne Taub is someone known because of the bad things her ex-husband Charles Cullen did. People talk about her in connection to the serial killer, and it affects how they see her.

Adrienne Taub’s story

Adrienne Taub was married to Charles Cullen in 1987, but things did not go well, and they separated in 1992. They had two kids during their time together, but we do not know much about her life apart from being with Cullen.

After the divorce, Taub and her daughters decided to keep their lives private. We do not know where they are or what they are doing now.

About Adrienne Taub’s job

Taub once said that her ex-husband left their kids with a babysitter for a whole week and even burned one of their books. We do not know a lot about her job, but it seems she might have been a working mom. The details are not clear.

Adrienne Taub’s Net Worth

We do not know how much Taub has because the information is not available right now.

Adrienne Taub’s family

We do not know a lot about Taub’s parents and siblings. When Charles Cullen, her ex-husband, was in trouble, there was no mention of her parents or siblings being involved.

Charles Cullen and Adrienne Taub

Charles Cullen and Adrienne Taub’s story is a dark and sad one. They got married in New Jersey on June 7, 1987, and had two daughters, Saskia and Shauna. Everything seemed normal until it was revealed that Cullen was secretly a serial killer.

Cullen started his killing while working at St. Barnabas Medical Center. He used drugs to murder his patients. Over time, he killed more people like Helen Dean, Mary Natoli, and Lucy Mugavero. Cullen’s favourite way to do it was by giving his victims too much of certain medications.

During his dark time, Cullen worked at different places like Warren Hospital, Saint Barnabas Medical Center, and Somerset Medical Center. Also, most of his victims were elderly people who were already very sick. But there were also cases where people, no matter their age, became victims of his dangerous plans.

Some hospitals had suspicions about what Cullen was doing, but they did not report it because they were afraid of getting in trouble.

As Cullen kept doing bad things, life at the Taub-Cullen home got harder. In 1993, Taub decided to get a divorce. The divorce papers, which were seen by The Morning Call, showed that there was strange behaviour and a lot of cruelty in their relationship.

In the papers for Taub’s divorce, she talked about trying to keep herself and her kids safe from the scary things happening at home. She asked for a leaving order against Cullen and told stories of leaving her daughters with a babysitter for a long time, burning books, and even putting lighter fluid in people’s drinks.

Even though she said these things, a judge said no to the order because Cullen did not physically hurt Taub or their kids. Cullen did really bad things from the late 1980s until 2003 when he was caught. He was charged with 29 murders, but he said he might have done even more, maybe around 40.

To avoid the death penalty, Cullen made a deal and helped the police find his victims. The court gave him 17 life sentences in a row, meaning he will be in jail for the rest of his life- 397 years with no chance of getting out.

In a 2013 interview, Cullen, who is in jail for killing many patients while working as a nurse, said he thought he was helping by stopping their pain. He admitted that if he wasn’t caught, he might have kept doing bad things without feeling sorry. After all the trouble in their marriage, Taub and her daughters decided to live private lives away from the public.

Adrienne Taub’s age

We do not know exactly how old Taub is, but it seems she was younger than her ex-husband, the serial killer.

Adrienne Taub now

Because of her connection to the famous serial killer Charles Cullen, Adrienne Taub became known to the public. Even with all the attention on her ex-husband’s crimes, Taub chose to keep her life private, especially to protect her daughters.

After they got divorced, Taub got legal custody of their daughters. This meant she could give them a stable and safe home away from the troubles connected to their father.

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People May Also Ask

Where does Charles Cullen’s ex-wife live?

After Cullen got caught in 2003, reporters found Taub at her home in Roselle Park, New Jersey. She talked about her ex-husband’s crimes and asked everyone to leave her family and kids alone.

Who discovered Charles Cullen’s actions?

A nurse which had named Amy Loughren and was a working mate to Cullen at the facility named Somerset started being concerned about him. Therefore, she reported the incident to the police.

Who is Charlie Cullen’s ex-wife?

Adrianne Baum is the ex-wife of Charlie Cullen.

Did Amy Loughren have surgery?

When Amy Loughren was a nurse, she had a heart problem but did not tell her employees to keep her job and health insurance. In 2008, she had a special heart surgery, and now she is feeling better.