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John Ritter, known for his role in “Three’s Company,” passed away at the age of 54 due to a heart condition called aortic dissection in 2003. This happened on the same day as his youngest son, Noah Lee Ritter’s birthday. In recent times, Noah has undergone a significant change in his life, transitioning from being female to male.

Noah Lee Ritter, John Ritter’s son, has chosen to lead a low-key life. He has not pursued acting since 2013 and keeps his social media accounts private. However, in May 2022, he made one of his first public appearances since his transition, attending an event related to his dad’s foundation.

John Ritter also had children from a previous marriage, making Noah one of several half-siblings. When it comes to privacy among the star’s children, Noah appears to be the most reserved. Nevertheless, a few pictures of him can be found online.

John Ritter Died

Noah Lee Ritter was born on September 11, 1998, and he is the only child of John and his second wife, Amy Yasbeck. Tragically, when Noah turned five in 2003, his father passed away unexpectedly. This happened during Noah’s first week of preschool.

On the day of his passing, John left a voicemail for his wife, saying, “Hi honey, this is John. I am in my dressing room and not feeling very well. I think I have food poisoning.”

In February 2008, Amy filed a lawsuit seeking $67 million in wrongful death damages. She directed this lawsuit against Dr. Joseph Lee, the cardiologist who treated John on the day he passed away, and Dr. Matthew Lotysch, the radiologist who had conducted a body scan on John back in 2001.

She told the court that he called again, complaining about chest pains. After a trial that lasted a month, a jury found the two medical professionals not guilty of negligence by mid-March. The widow had already received more than $14 million from other medical parties involved.

Amy established a foundation in memory of her husband called The John Ritter Foundation for Aortic Health. Its mission is to raise awareness about the rare condition. She shared her thoughts after the court case:

“Many people have told me that when they go to the emergency room with chest pains, they insist on being checked for that John Ritter condition. It has become a priority for them now, and it has saved lives.”

Real Name

Noah Lee was originally named Stella Ritter but has since chosen to keep a low profile on social media and in public. He has made his Twitter account private and changed his name to ‘X’ on the profile.

John Ritter, Noah’s father, played a role in helping his eldest son, Jason Ritter, kickstart his acting career.

In his X profile, Noah mentions that he rarely accepts follow-up requests and does not use social media much because he values his privacy. While his IMDb profile still carries his old name ‘Stella Ritter,’ the pronouns have been updated to reflect his true identity.

Noah appeared in the 2007 T.V. comedy movie “This Is My Friend” alongside actors like Mike Bloodworth, Joe Brown, and Jake Johnson, where he played the role of “Girl at School.”

He is also known for his involvement in “The Namazu,” a short film from 2012, where he is credited as a composer. In 2013, he did voice work for “Behind Closed Doors.”

Noah joined his mother and half-siblings for a photo at “An Evening from the Heart in L.A.,” an event for his father’s foundation, in May 2022.

Noah Lee Ritter Siblings

Noah Lee Ritter is the youngest among the children of the late actor John Ritter. John Ritter was known for his role in “8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter” and was married to his first wife, the late actress Nancy Morgan, from 1977 to 1996.

Their children, who grew up during this time, also entered the entertainment industry, each to varying levels of success. John supported his eldest son, Jason Ritter, in getting his first acting opportunity.

When Jason was just six years old, he had a voice role alongside his father in the animated Christmas special “The Real Story of O Christmas.” Later, after completing his studies at New York University, Jason decided to pursue acting as a full-time career.

Jason Ritter has proven his talent across various genres and forms of entertainment. He ventured into horror with “Freddy vs. Jason,” displayed his dramatic skills in the T.V. series “Parenthood,” which earned him an Emmy nomination, and showcased his comedic abilities in “The Class.”

Jason Ritter is married to Melanie Lynskey, known for her role in “Yellowjackets,” and together they have a daughter. This dynamic couple has made appearances in each other’s projects, including “The Last of Us,” “Candy,” and “Yellowjackets.”

John Ritter’s daughter, Carly Ritter, was born on March 1, 1982, and her early exposure to music had a significant impact on her. However, she did not discover her love for country music until later in life. This contrasts with her father, who, despite being exposed to country music in his youth, was more inclined towards rock music.

Carly’s grandfather on her father’s side is Tex Ritter, a renowned member of the Country Music Hall of Fame. She grew up in Los Angeles, went to high school in Santa Monica, and later attended Vassar College in New York.

In 2017, Carly released her only full-length album, which was self-titled. As a Vassar College graduate, she shared her 2021 single, “They Do Not Work Here Anymore (Ballad of a Bygone Climate),” on YouTube.

Aside from her music, Carly is also an activist. She has performed at various events for The Huntington’s Disease Society of America and is actively involved with Moms Demand Action, an organization dedicated to combatting gun violence.

John Ritter’s third child, Tyler Ritter, was born on January 31, 1985. Before he entered the family profession, he took a significant detour in his life.

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, he worked as a teacher in Argentina for a few years. It was during this time that he met Leila Parma, an Argentinian film director who would later become his wife.

Their family expanded when they welcomed John Ritter’s first grandchild, Benjamin Parma Ritter, on June 11, 2017. Initially, Tyler had smaller roles in lesser-known projects, but his career took a turn when he secured a role in an episode of the popular series “Modern Family.”

Since then, he has built an impressive resume with appearances in various well-known shows like “The Good Doctor,” “Hot in Cleveland,” and a recurring role in the D.C. series “Arrow.” He also landed a significant part in the short-lived series “The McCarthys.”

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