Navy Joan Roberts
Navy Joan Roberts

Can you recall the incident during the announcement of the President-elect’s victory in the 2022 election, where he invited only six of his grandchildren on stage, and one of his seven grandchildren, Navy Joan Roberts, was absent? Navy Joan Roberts is the daughter of Hunter with Lunden Roberts, a stripper whom he initially denied being in a relationship with. The child’s name, sex, and location were kept confidential for a long time. Navy Joan Roberts is living happily in the rural regions of Arkansas with a caring and large family who are unaware of her connection to the political world of the US. Hunter denied paternity of the child, but a DNA test proved he is the biological and legal father. Hunter, undergoing recovery, has not seen a photo of the child and cannot identify her. Joe Biden invited six of his grandchildren on stage during the announcement of his victory in the 2022 presidential election, while Navy Joan Roberts was not present.

Based on sources, it has been reported that Hunter had a child named Navy Lunden Roberts but denied that he was his child. Lunden had never spoken publicly about Navy Joan Roberts until her sister Randi shared a photo of her on social media. Still, her face was not visible in the picture to protect her identity.

After remaining out of the public eye for a while, Hunter Biden was seen joining in his father’s victory celebration at the age of 77. At the event, he was accompanied by their 7-month-old child and his wife, Colen, Hunter’s fifth child. They also had a boy named Beau, named after Hunter’s late brother, who died from brain cancer in 2015.

In attendance at the celebration of the President’s victory were members of the Biden family, including Naomi and siblings Maisy and Finnegan, who are Hunter’s children from his previous marriage to Kathleen, from whom he divorced after 22 years. Hunter’s affair with his late brother Beau’s wife, Hallie, was controversial. Also present during the event were Beau’s children, Natalie and Robert Hunter Biden II, who are respectively 16 and 14 years old. Jill Biden, the President’s wife, and his daughter Ashley and Howard Krein, her husband, were also present.

Roberts and her family?

 Navy Joan Roberts

The home of Lunden Roberts and Navy Joan Roberts, her daughter, is a cabin-style dwelling with four bedrooms situated on a five-acre lot owned by Roberts’ parents, Kimberly and Rob Roberts. The family is well-known locally, as Rob runs a thriving gun business where Kimberly is employed. The two had a brief relationship in 2017 after meeting at a strip club in Washington DC called the Mpire, where Lunden was working under her stage name Dallas.

The Scandal

The identity of Navy Joan Roberts remained hidden until May 2019, when Lunden Roberts filed for child and paternity support. This happened just a few days after Hunter married Melissa Cohen, his second wife, after only six days of dating. Hunter initially denied that he was the father of Navy Joan Roberts. Still, a DNA test was later conducted in November 2019, which proved that he was the legal and biological father of Navy Joan Roberts.

Despite his controversial past and the negative attention he has brought to the family, Hunter Biden has always had his father, Joe Biden, defend him, referring to him as the “Finest man I know.” Lunden Roberts, who had been enrolled to become a forensic investigator at George Washington University but did not complete her studies, fought for months to force Hunter to reveal his financial affairs.

Some FAQs

Who is Navy Joan Roberts?

Navy Joan Roberts is Joe Biden’s seventh grandchild, the daughter of Hunter Biden with a stripper named Lunden Roberts.

Why was Navy Joan Roberts hidden from the public eye?

Navy Joan Roberts was kept hidden from the public eye to protect her anonymity, as her father initially denied that she was his child.

Where does Navy Joan Roberts live?

Navy Joan Roberts lives with her mother and grandparents in a four-bed cabin-style home spread across 5 acres of land in Arkansas.

Who are Navy Joan Roberts’ grandparents?

Navy Joan Roberts’ grandparents are Rob and Kimberly Roberts.

What does Navy Joan Roberts’ grandfather do?

Navy Joan Roberts’ grandfather, Rob Roberts, owns a successful gun customization business where Kimberly works.

When did Hunter Biden confirm that Navy Joan Roberts was his daughter?

Answer: Hunter Biden confirmed that Navy Joan Roberts was his daughter after being forced to take a DNA test in November 2019.

What was the controversy surrounding Navy Joan Roberts’ paternity?

Hunter Biden initially denied that Navy Joan Roberts was his daughter, but a DNA test proved that he was her biological and legal father.

Was Navy Joan Roberts present during Joe Biden’s victory announcement?

Navy Joan Roberts was not present on stage during Joe Biden’s victory announcement, unlike her six other cousins.

Who are Navy Joan Roberts’ cousins?

Navy Joan Roberts’ cousins are Naomi, Finnegan, and Maisy Biden, who are Hunter Biden’s children with his first wife, Kathleen.

What is the current status of Hunter Biden’s relationship with Navy Joan Roberts?

Hunter Biden’s relationship with Navy Joan Roberts is unknown, as he had never seen her photo and could not even identify her from a photo lineup.

How many children and grandchildren does Joe Biden have?

Joe Biden has four children and seven grandchildren.

Is Naomi Biden Joe’s daughter?

Yes, Naomi Biden is Joe Biden’s granddaughter. She is the daughter of Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s second son.

Did Bo Biden have children?

Yes, Bo Biden had two children, Natalie and Robert Hunter Biden II. They are Joe Biden’s grandchildren.

Is Ashley Biden married?

Yes, Ashley Biden is married to Howard Krein.


In conclusion, the story of Navy Joan Roberts, Joe Biden’s seventh grandchild, has been shrouded in secrecy and controversy. Despite the efforts to keep her identity hidden, the truth eventually came out, and Hunter Biden was proven to be her biological and legal father. The family has faced its fair share of scandals, but they continue to stick together and support each other. While the Navy remains out of the public eye, we hope she lives a happy and healthy life with her family in Arkansas.

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