home robots

Home robots are going to be the new thing of the future. However, you will be shocked to know that robots first came into our lives in the 1950s. Washing machines and vacuum cleaners were the first robot assistant. Usually, when we read the term home robots, the first thing that comes to mind is robot guards, companions, and maids.

There are tons of home robot varieties available in the market nowadays to assist you in ticking off your never-ending to-do list at home.

Best Home Robots: 

Home robots can help you big time by taking care of many household chores. They can clean the house, pool, and even the grill. Some home robots can also keep your kids entertained while doing the chores.

Every minute there’s something new launching to make your home smarter. Having home robot assistance is no surprise in the upcoming years. No wonder home robots come with various advantages, but they have some disadvantages too. The “robots risk topic explained by ExpressVPN” clearly explains how these robots are equipped with sensors, cameras, and microphones that can invade our privacy and collect our data. Like our computer system, these home robots can be hacked too and give teh attackers a view into our house and even provide passwords to bank details, house lockers, etc.,

Here we have curated a list of must-try home robots in 2023


Lovot is a cute companion robot developed by groove X, a Tokyo-based company. These friendly robots are surprisingly advanced and will give you love and comfort in lonely times, as shared by TechCrunch

It has more than 50 sensors, including pressure, touch, heat, obstacle, humidity, and distance. They learn from daily interactions with the owners and greet visitors. With a full charge, it can interact for 45 minutes and takes about 15 minutes to charge fully. 

It has a 360-degree half-sphere camera to detect the direction of voice and sounds and a thermal camera to distinguish between objects and humans. 


A home monitoring robot, Astro is a low-cost device with the potential to do almost everything. Although it is not available commercially yet, it comes with supreme features, explored by The Verge. Astro home cleaning toot will assist you, bring snacks for you, and can play music and shows podcasts on Alexa. 

When you are away from home, you can control the Astro remotely to keep a check on your pets, home security, and other humans. It also alerts teh house owners of something unusual happening. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that it does beatboxing too.


Imagine having a cute little pet dog robot. Yes, this is an ecstasy that you get with Aibo. Aibo is a sony robot dog and one of the most sophisticated home robots available now. 

It is available in brown, black, white, and silver; round snouts featuring cameras to recognize faces and has large oval expressive eyes. They can turn their body into 22 different axis points allowing movements.

The owner can decide the gender of their Aibo while setting up, which determines the bark pitch and its movements. Aibo keeps changing its personality over time depending on the interactions with other people.


A must-try voice-activated personal robot assistant Temi was recently chosen by the Israel Defence Ministry to assist their medical teams during Covid-19. Temi can recognize different people and follow their owners around, help make video calls, play music, respond to questions, and carry small objects from one room to another.

It features laser radars and cameras to communicate with the rest of the smart devices at your home via Alexa. Temi can gradually replace humans in doing small tasks like checking patients’ temperature, delivering antibiotics, and food distribution.  

Overall, having home robots sounds fun, and we all must try this experience at least once.