It happens with most of us. Just after opening the door of refrigerator we cannot remember why we opened it? We keep something very dear to heart so orderly that we fail to find it when it is needed. All this are very common examples of amnesia, in other word loss of memory.

It was believed that due to amnesia one loses his/her memory, but a recent study is showing light of hope that lost memories can be retrieved.

A related test was earlier held in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T) on mice, which is believed to gain back lost memories. A new method called optogenetics is showing signs of retrieving lost memory.

In this process some specific neurons are picked and a unique protein is implanted within it with the help of an engineered virus. This protein activates the brain cells once it enters the brain. In this way the brain cells could be easily triggered, which in turn could be helpful to bring back lost memory.