My new humidifier is taking forever to humidify my house. What’s going on?

One of the most common complaints with a new humidifier installation is that the humidity level in the home doesn’t rise quickly to the desired level when the humidifier is turned on. Almost all material will absorb moisture from the air if the level is higher than the material. When this happens, the material in the home, such as wood walls and floors, will absorb moisture before the level in the home will rise. Give the system time!

Do I have to buy the pad holder when I buy my humidifier pad?

No, the foam pad can simply be slid on the plastic pad holder, assuming it is undamaged, and the expanded aluminum pad can be replaced in its holder if the holder is made of plastic, not metal.

What does the transformer do in the humidification system?

Many electrical components for most humidifiers used today operate at a 24 volt level. The transformer in the humidification system converts the 120 volt system in most homes to this 24 volt level to allow safe operation without danger to the operator or installer. These transformers can be either a wire in variety, connected to an electrical box, or a plug in type which is simply plugged into any convenient 120 volt plug in.

Should the humidifier be running all the time?

The humidifier should be wired so that it is only on when the humidistat calls for the unit to be on and the furnace blower is on. If the unit is running when the furnace blower is not on, then the humidifier is not installed correctly.

I am getting moisture on the walls and windows of my home. What does this mean?

When moisture starts to build up on the walls and windows while the humidifier is operating, this means that the amount or level of moisture in the air is higher than the air can support. This usually happens at the start of the humidifier season or after a sudden drop in outside temperature. This condition should not be allowed to continue, and can be solved by setting the humidistat to a progressively lower setting until the moisture disappears.