Google Pixel 4 could house Apple-esque face unlocking feature

The sensors and camera systems of smartphones have reached to the next level and a feature like Apple-esque face unlocking could be seen in the upcoming Google’s Pixel 4 flagship phone. It is not yet confirmed but an update of Face Detection is mentioned in the website Chrome Unboxed.

However, it is evident the feature could be launched in Pixel 4 and in future Chromebooks.

The Google Pixel 4 is learned to include an array of infra-red as well as dot-projector apart from some other dedicated face sensors.

It is not yet known how many older Google laptops will be coming up with the new feature. If the previous versions are equipped with the facial recognition, it will be an optional layer of security for convenience reason.

Meanwhile, it is speculated the Google Pixel 4 would be releasing in October. It will feature a large, square camera bump on the back side, housing two lenses along with a flash. The square portion is also learned to have two sensors, one on right and the other on top.

The smartphone may lack fingerprint scanner unlike the previous versions. This means it could house in-display scanner. If not, the phone may potentially have no scanner.

The leaks and speculations have no clear picture about the front design. It may come with a full bezel at the top and not a notch or punch-hole.

These are just claims of different websites. Some more would be coming up in August and September. Let’s keep a watch.