Do AirTags work with Android

Bluetooth trackers, such as the Apple AirTag, are really handy for keeping an eye on items that you tend to lose or want to keep safe, like your keys, wallet, or bags. Since it’s made by Apple, it’s expected that AirTags have quickly become a favorite choice for many people, even though they were introduced in 2021. Now, you might wonder if AirTags can work with Android phones. Let me tell you all about it.


In simple terms, AirTags don’t work completely with Android phones. You shouldn’t get one if you’re planning to use it with an Android. However, Android phones can find AirTags close by to make sure no one is secretly tracking you. If you’re concerned about being tracked with an AirTag, Apple has made an app called Tracker Detect available on the Play Store for Android users.

Can you use AirTags with Android?

AirTags are not fully compatible with Android phones. They use a special kind of Bluetooth to talk to your phone and need Apple’s own network to tell you where your stuff is. AirTags don’t just connect to your iPhone; they also use other iPhones close by to help find your lost items.

For iPhones that have a special U1 chip, like the iPhone 11 and later models (but not the SE versions), they can tell you the exact spot of your AirTag, almost to the exact inch.

Apple knows people worry about AirTags being used to track them without knowing, so they made an Android app. This app, called Tracker Detect, is available on the Google Play Store. It helps you check if there are any AirTags around you. You can use this app if you think someone might be tracking you with an AirTag.

What are the best AirTags alternatives for Android?

Even if AirTags aren’t compatible with Android phones, there are great other choices. Samsung has its own tracker that only pairs with Galaxy phones, similar to how AirTags pair with Apple devices.

Another brand called Tile offers top-notch Bluetooth trackers that are compatible with both Android and Apple phones. Tile is a good pick if you don’t want to be tied down to just one type of phone system.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag and SmartTag Plus

The Galaxy SmartTag and SmartTag Plus are special devices that help you find lost items. They only work with Samsung phones that have Android 8.0 Oreo or newer and at least 2GB of memory.

Just like AirTags use Apple’s network to locate things, SmartTags use Samsung’s network. With lots of Samsung phone users out there, it’s easy to locate a SmartTag within 390 feet.

The SmartTag Plus is even better because it uses advanced tech and AR (Augmented Reality) to show you the exact spot of your lost item, down to a few inches. But this cool feature only works with certain Samsung phones that have UWB (Ultra Wideband) technology, like the latest Samsung models and some older ones like the Galaxy S21 Plus, S21 Ultra, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, and Galaxy Z Fold 2. If you don’t have one of these fancy Samsung phones, the regular SmartTag is the way to go.


Tile is a popular brand for Bluetooth trackers and is great if you want a tracker that works with different types of phones and devices. Tile trackers work with Android, iOS, and some smart speakers. They have different kinds of trackers: Tile Slim fits in your wallet, Tile Sticker sticks to flat surfaces, and Tile Mate is a simple tracker.

The Tile Pro is the top choice, similar to AirTag and SmartTag, with a range of 400 feet and a strong network to find things beyond Bluetooth range. There is also a paid service that gives you extras like a 30-day history of where your stuff has been, alerts, and insurance for your items worth up to $1,000.

The Tile Pro costs more than some other options and you might have ongoing costs if you choose the paid service, but it’s one of the best for use with different platforms.

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People May Ask

Can I use AirTags with my Android phone? 

Yes, but with limits. You can’t use all features of AirTags on Android, but you can detect them nearby.

What can I do with an AirTag on Android? 

You can scan for nearby AirTags to make sure you’re not being tracked without knowing it.

Is there an app for AirTags on Android? 

Yes, Apple has an app called Tracker Detect on the Google Play Store for Android users.

Do I need this app on my Android phone? 

If you’re worried someone might track you with an AirTag, it’s good to have this app.

Can Android phones track lost items with AirTags? 

No, Android phones can’t use AirTags to find lost items like iPhones can.

Are there alternatives to AirTags for Android users? 

Yes, there are other trackers like Samsung’s SmartTag and Tile that work well with Android phones.