With television technology getting more and more advanced each and everyday there are now a tremendous amount of options that are available when it comes to in-home entertainment. From Apple TV to Amazon Fire to Chromecast it’s not just about turning on a TV watching a show in 2017.

One other option that now comes standard on many smart TV’s, like those from Selby Acoustics, is Android TV. Based on the same Android software used to power millions of mobile devices, Android TV in actuality isn’t that now. It has been around for 3 plus years.

So what is different about Android TV and what are its benefits? Here is a deeper look:

• For one, Android TV features a recommendation engine that provides users with suggestions for content based off of keywords. For example, Clint Eastwood movies. You can achieve this by typing in these keywords or with the Google Voice feature.

• Similar to Chromecast, Android TV allows a streamer to cast features that they find on a mobile device and move the content onto the television. Unlike with Chromecast though, with an Android television you don’t need the external dongle. Simply tap the Cast button on your mobile apps for the content to start playing on your TV.

• Android TV has the ability to play games and work with a variety of Bluetooth controllers.

• Like other smart televisions with Android TV allow for on-demand video streaming from services such as Netflix, Vevo, YouTube and Google Play among others.

• With Android TV you have the ability to control your television with your Android phone and Android watch.

There are a lot of top manufacturers that carry Android Televisions including Phillips, Sharp and Sony.

Happy watching!