All our modern real life is about data. We need information every time for business reasons and even daily routine. So, let’s journey into the amazing world of data management and discover its top trends and perfect solutions, improving data quality and accuracy for our usual and unusual needs.

 The final destination in this journey is your successful and competitive business, but let’s get to the starting point as the data management top trends, like data warehouse modernization, machine learning algorithms, and modern data hubs. DWH modernization is about big data volumes and types; ML is about analysis, data interpretation improvement, and time-saving; and, finally, data hubs are about flexibility and centralization in storing, processing, and analyzing data from various sources.

But you need cool and convenient equipment, like Skyvia Salesforce Data Loader (, to make this journey to the data management world smooth and impressive. It requires nothing to start except a laptop and registration. You even don’t need to pay for the app. Just use the free version. And, of course, its functionality is absolutely trendy with its data import and export into Salesforce automation and DWH work optimization.

Ready to discover more?

Evolution of Data Management

Let’s jump a bit deeper into the data management history. Before the computer era, all the data processes were manual, slow, and often incorrect because of human impact. As a result, it was difficult or almost impossible to analyze such data.

Data processing and analysis moved faster and clearer when computers and databases appeared. The Internet became the next miracle with a “Wow!” effect and moved data into the cloud, allowing data remote access and the ability to work from anywhere.

 Now, data management’s second name is big data analytics, making data processing a kind of magic. Automation is everywhere: in backup scheduling, quality checking, and usual routines. People may use AI for data automation and analysis to adapt their businesses to everyday challenges.

This evolution has just started and doesn’t seem to stop in the middle of the way, so the news is coming soon…

What makes Salesforce Data Loader unique

Remember about cool equipment for your journey? Let’s get closer to it and see why this one. The solution is unique because of the fantastic mix of three advantages: usability, functionality, and pay-as-you-go price, including the Freemium model. Let’s walk through a bit.

Skyvia Salesforce Data Loader is intuitive and completely convenient, like premium stuff for hiking. You don’t need to think about how it works. It’s enough to understand what you wanna do with your data.

Talking about the functionality, it’s like multitool supporting 160+ CRMs, DBs, and cloud connectors, and the integration scenario of any complexity (ETL, ELT, reverse ETL, data migration, one-way and bi-directional data sync, workflow automation, data sharing via REST API, backups for cloud apps, etc.).

The honest price allows a wide choice from free to enterprise models. Just find your plan to obtain the cool abilities and save money. But let’s continue our journey. The next stop is coming…

Role of Automation in Data Management

Now we came to the Automation station. Let’s see why it’s the next door’s key in this journey.

What d’you think, how much data the world generates daily? According to the IBM report, the number is about 2.5 quintillion bytes. And 90% of it has been created in the last few years. Wow, aha? But the first question is how to manage this zoo. And the first answer is automation. Handling large data volumes smoothly and quickly is not a big deal with data automation. The pluses here are data quality and accuracy, time and cost saving with routine tasks, human error avoidance, and so on.

Skyvia’s Salesforce Data Loader cloud app automates data import and export on schedule, so you may forget about manual data operations and get a bit rest while it works for you. And now, take your coffee and have fun; we’re arriving at the next stop.

User experience

Of course, you’re not alone in this journey; many have started it a bit earlier. But that’s good news – you’ll know the people’s feedback. So, let’s go through this “trip advisor.”

According to the users’ opinions, automated data export and import on schedule became the first plus of Skyvia Salesforce Data Loader. The second one is a high range of supported connectors (160+). The third one in this race is the set of data quality, accuracy, and manual errors decrease. And don’t forget about the general positive user experience that’s raising its rate. The users who have voted on these points mostly represent a range of industries like healthcare, finance, and retail. But if you’re not even the one from the list, don’t mention it if data quality and accuracy are your words.


So, ladies and gentlemen, our journey to the data management world is almost finished, and now you’re in the step to your thriving business destination. But remember that data management is a never ending story, and it may be cool with an appropriate tool like Skyvia Salesforce Data Loader.