best shopping apps

Shopping online from apps is pretty much the way to shop these days. Mortar and brick stores are fun; however, at the end of the day, the ability to pick the smartphone and search for products online is just very comfortable. There are plenty of apps that you can use to shop for products on your smartphones. So here are the best shopping apps for smartphones.

In America, 76% of consumers shop online. This data shows how the consumer’s shopping habits have amazingly changed from physical storefronts to the online store. The best shopping app experience is based on the design of the app itself. Briefly, app creators know how to make the online shopping app speak to the customers through visuals.

Some Best Online Shopping Apps

Amazon Shopping

Well, a shopping apps list would be incomplete without Amazon. It is the current mega-mall of the internet, and millions of people are using it every month. Moreover, you can find any kind of product you can think of and additional things like Amazon Pantry that lets you shop for beverage and food items. They also feature Deals of the Day and Lightning Deals, where you can find products on the cheap if you keep an eye on it. It is simple, easy, and quick to understand.


It is an entertaining choice for shoppers. AliExpress is a Chinese app owned by Alibaba, and it is like a mix of eBay and Amazon. AliExpress seems like Amazon when you shop around on it; however, it is a collection of a small business selling the products much like eBay. Aliexpress is an amazing wildcard app because you can find all kinds of products that you may not find on other apps. Although many products take a while to ship, so prepare yourself for that.


This shopping app is like Amazon but for pets only. You can get all kinds of products there, including treats, animal food, enclosures like cages, toys, hygiene products, accessories, and a lot more. Chewy is simple enough to navigate, and it has plenty of sales and specials constantly. Moreover, they ship quickly, especially like 1-2 days shipping on orders above $49 that this app does. However, we do recommend not to try it on Friday or Saturday because the weekends make all deliveries slower. Basically, anyone with a pet should try this app.


This app is a good spot for those who are searching for a diamond in rough purchases. You can see almost anything from houses to cars, electronics, random furniture, and all kinds of other products you will find here. It is a bit less secure than other apps, but the meeting spot and proper vetting typically oppose the problems. This shopping site has newly launched its official app, and it is already better than most of its rivals. Moreover, there are many third party choices if you want to go that route.


It is another universal name in the online shopping world. It has been around for decades, and everyone knows what the app is all about. eBay is pretty decent and lets you do everything that you can do on the app, including searching, purchasing, checking, and bidding on items that you are selling. Moreover, you can search for some amazing products for good prices if you are patient enough. It might not be an everyday app like Amazon, but it is still enjoyable to browse to see what you may find.


This site is a kind of online flea market for designers and indie artists. Etsy has over ten million items from more than 700,000 sellers. You will no doubt find some truly different, one of a kind products on this shopping app, and a normal rate of them are created on limited runs. Etsy allows you to buy items and explore, and also they manage the shop if you are a seller. They also support Paypal and Google Wallet support for easy checkouts, and also you can find upcoming events from the sellers for select items.

Facebook Marketplace

The marketplace is one of their better plans; you can surf for products on sale by other people in your nearby area. Facebook Marketplace has all kinds of stuff there like video games, cars, clothes, or whatever you are searching for. It is similar to Craigslists, and many of the things are someone else’s treasure. However, you can find something amazing on occasion. Most people already have Facebook. You may take advantage of the service, and it is one of the best shopping apps for localized things.

Google Shopping

It is formerly Google Express that combines plenty of shopping experiences into a google shopping app. You can find products from basically any retailer on the internet. It includes famous sites like Best Buy and Targets, along with many other sites. Google shopping is also a great app for price comparisons, Google Assistant support, searching so many deals, and also gives recommendations based on shopping habits.

Postmates or Instacart

Postmates and Instacart are part of a new wave of shopping apps. You order products from the app, and someone brings it directly to the door immediately. They both do different things, Postmates deliver about anything from anywhere, and Instacart is basically for grocery shopping. Though you can order from local places from your home, and both apps are free. However, every delivery comes with the delivery charge at the time you purchase the order.


It is a unique app shopping that lets you shop for several things and get savings when you purchase certain items together. It has plenty of products for sale so it should not be tough to find what you are searching for. You will also get free shipping once you order a large number of products, and also you get Android Pay support and many more.

Final Words

If you love saving money on the smartphone, then these best shopping apps can help you to save hundreds of dollars a year. Shopping apps are the most comfortable way to shop. There are so many apps, but these apps are the main players that can give you the best shopping experience. If you find this information useful, drop a comment below this section.