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Alert Women – Know How To Keep Heart Healthy (Part I)

The FDA ruled in 2015 that trans fats are not safe for use in human foods and the agency even warned manufacturer to remove those from their products within a time frame of three years.

Consider existing conditions seriously

Certain conditions in women can increase the risk of heart disease. It is suggested to prevent those from developing. The threat should be taken seriously. Take proper medications as directed by a physician if you have conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol.

Discuss aspirin intake

Yes, it is very true to discuss intake of aspirin as even though it is prescribed to lower the risk of heart disease, but in long-run it too can pose threat and risk.

FDA writes intake of aspirin in long-run may cause bleeding in brain, bleeding in stomach and kidney failure. Hence it is strongly suggested to talk to you So it is better to discuss the pros and cons of taking aspirin before its intake.


Here we go, take the tips seriously and abide to it if you are really looking ahead to live a healthy life and not to die due to heart disease, which is though main cause of death for women in America and Canada. Share your own views too with us and fellow readers in the below given comment box.