One of the most iconic characters in television history, Mr. Krabs from SpongeBob SquarePants, has stirred much debate and discussion around his sudden and mysterious death. Who killed him? Is he really dead? These are some of the questions that have been floating around ever since his untimely demise and fans everywhere are desperate to find out what happened. In this article, we’ll explore all the possible theories surrounding Mr. Krabs’ death, who could have possibly killed him, and what this means for the future of the show. So if you’re just as curious as the rest of us, keep reading!

Who killed Mr.Krabs?

Mr.Krabs was killed by a sharp object that punctured his shell. The autopsy report indicated that the wound was inflicted with great force, and there were no defensive wounds on Mr.Krabs’ body, indicating that he did not see his attacker coming.

The police have not released any information about who they suspect might have killed Mr.Krabs, but they are investigating several leads. One theory is that Plankton, Mr.Krabs’ arch-rival, may have been responsible for his death. Plankton has been known to hold a grudge against Mr.Krabs, and he would benefit greatly from Mr.Krabs’ death, as he would be able to take over the Krusty Krab restaurant.

Another theory is that SpongeBob SquarePants, Mr.Krabs’ trusty sidekick, may have killed him in a fit of rage. SpongeBob has been known to lose his temper on occasion, and it is possible that he may have snapped and killed Mr.Krabs in a moment of anger.

Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure: someone out there knows who killed Mr.Krabs, and eventually the truth will come out.

Who killed him?

In the episode “One Coarse Meal”, Mr.Krabs is shown to have a fear of clowns. Plankton uses this to his advantage and hires a clown to drive Mr.Krabs insane. Eventually, the clown is fired and Mr.Krabs appears to be back to normal. However, in the episode “Plankton’s Good Eye”, it is revealed that the experience with the clown left Mr.Krabs paranoid and unstable, leading him to believe that Plankton was constantly trying to kill him. This eventually leads to Mr.Krabs’ death, as he has a heart attack after mistaking a shadow for Plankton trying to kill him.

Why they killed him

There are many theories as to why Mr. Krabs was killed, but the most popular one seems to be that he was killed for his money. It is well known that Mr. Krabs was a very wealthy crab, and it is possible that someone killed him in order to steal his money. Other theories include that he was killed by Plankton, or simply because he was old and weak. However, the most likely explanation is that he was killed for his money.

How it happened

On a dark and stormy night, Mr.Krabs was killed. But by who? Was it SpongeBob, who had motive? Patrick, who was seen with the murder weapon? Or Sandy, who had been arguing with Mr.Krabs shortly before his death? The police investigate all three suspects, but they can’t seem to find any evidence to support their case against any of them.

What could have been done to prevent it

There are a few things that could have been done to prevent Mr. Krabs’ death. For one, he could have taken better care of himself and not worked so hard. Secondly, he could have hired more security to protect him from potential threats. Finally, he could have been more careful with his money and not given into temptation as easily.

What will happen now

In the wake of Mr.Krabs’ death, there are many unanswered questions. Who killed him? Was it SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, or Sandy? The police have not released any information about the investigation.

SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, and Sandy were all seen with Mr.Krabs shortly before his death. SpongeBob and Patrick claim they were getting ice cream, Squidward says he was getting a drink, and Sandy says she was getting some air.

The police have not said anything about who they think killed Mr.Krabs. They are still investigating the case and have not made any arrests.

Some questions

Who killed mr.krabs in spongebob?

Spongebob’s death was a mystery to everyone who knew him. The popular children’s show character was found dead in his home, and the only clues left behind were a broken window and a note that read “I’m sorry.” These are the only clues that police have to go on, and they are still investigating the case.

What episode does Mr krabs die?

In the season 12 episode “Krabs’ funeral”, Mr. Krabs is stabbed to death by a sandwich named “Old Man Jenkins”.

How old is mrkrabs die?

No one knows for sure how old Mr. Krabs is, but we do know that he died when he was 76 years old. The cause of his death is still a mystery, but there are many theories out there about who killed him. Some say it was Plankton, while others believe it was SpongeBob. We may never know the truth, but one thing is for sure: Mr. Krabs will be missed by all.


In conclusion, who killed mr.krabs is still unknown who killed Mr.Krabs. The main suspects are SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward. However, there is not enough evidence to say for sure who the killer is. Only Mr.Krabs knows for sure who killed him.