After about two years since quitting Google the Android creator Andy Rubin is planning to come back to do some more good to smartphone users. Dubbed as “Essential,” a new company of his is learned to launching soon a different device that can even compete with Apple’s iPhone.

Rubin’s firm is a fleet of forty people who earlier either worked at Apple or Google. He will serve as CEO, if believed to insider.

It is said Essential will be a platform company that is designed to serve multiple devices together. Its lab is currently working on a suite of consumer hardware products including home markets.

Rubin spent eight long years at Google after selling the Android mobile operating system to the search giant in 2005. His once to be a tiny project has not turned into the most dominant software for people for their mobile devices. He stepped down in 2013 from Android to form Google’s robotics unit, but later in 2014 he left Google completely.

The Android creator said AI is the next big change in the technology industry. The next big platform is about data and training of AI systems to learn.

Essential is currently also working different levels of pressure of a screen similar to what Apple did lately with its iPhone.

Rubin believes his new phone can go on sale by the middle of 2017 and it could be priced tagged close to that of an iPhone.