What is TikTok shooting challenge?

TikTok0 is different from its competitors because it emphasizes creativity instead of quality: users can create short-form videos which are usually less than one minute long. (Breitbart, 2019) The videos are more expansive than one category, as different users have different creativity: Some make short parody videos, while others create music videos. Recently a trend became very famous, which is the TikTok shooting challenge.

Tiktok has been criticized for causing the downfall and addiction in the youth. Its app is banned on many platforms, and schools have forbidden students from using it. Tiktok is a popular app among teenagers, but it is criticized for its lousy influence on students’ lives. Let’s discuss everything you should know about TikTok shooting challenge.

Threatening Trends on TikTok!

The current problem with TikTok is not due to its content; instead, it is due to some misleading information about its content that has been spread through social media. This misinformation became a source of teen pregnancy, suicide, and adult content. Recently a new trend became extremely famous on TikTok, named the active shooter challenge, where students of a school call the local police and inform them that there are shooters in their school and, like usual, police officers take suitable actions to prevent any time of mishap.

However, every report turned out to be a prank on the police department. Now you might wonder what an active shooter prank actually on TikTok is. The challenge is more like a joke. However, the videos are convincing enough to give the impression that an actual active shooter is on the scene. Only when the police arrive do they believe it and even arrest the person who made the prank call.

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The students have no regrets about their actions because of what they have learned in school; it is more of a lesson than being wrong. However, due to the recent rise of this trend and its effect on teenagers, many schools have blocked TikTok shooting challenge access to their schools. Different reports suggest that there has been a rise in the usage of TikTok among American youth; however, these opinions still need to be confirmed and well-backed by statistical evidence.

Law enforcement in South Carolina discovered a new TikTok shooting challenge!

  • The police force in North Charleston, South Carolina, tested a ‘prank’ where students at a local high school called the police to report that there was an active shooter on the scene.
  • The other bizarre thing is that although this challenge is similar to others, the app TikTok itself hasn’t been banned by the particular administration.

In the past few days, schools in the United States have been placed under a “soft” lockdown because of the growing trend of this TikTok challenge. Several schools have banned TikTok from their students and warned them of the consequences of such in-app content. To make sure everything is alright, the police are advising everyone in the school to be vigilant even if such types of pranks are trending on the internet. News has popped up about teenagers threatening to shoot up their schools on tiktok videos.

The schools that were victims of the active shooter challenge in the past few months!

The FBI also released a statement regarding the shooting hoaxes!

The instance, police started to receive calls regarding the active shooter hoax; they immediately released a statement at 1:00 PM. They clearly stated that the authorities are entirely aware of what is happening in the high schools, and now they are forced to make sure that the calls are credible before taking action. Many police officers came to the front and released their statements regarding this prank. Police officers, when they took action regarding these calls in a few of the schools, found it to be a hoax.

The portion mentioned above explains everything you should know about TikTok shooting challenge.