Altus Highway Junction Golden Seed!

In Elden Ring, Brother Corhyn is a mysterious figure that many players will have the chance to meet during their adventure. In other words, he is a non-player character. Brother Corhyn can help you unlock the power of practical faith-based Incantations with Runes. His expertise will have you mastering spiritual magic in no time. If you arrive at the Roundtable Hold, you can run into him.

Brother Corhyn does not act there during the entire game. Corhyn was determined to find a renowned scholar known as Goldmask, so they set off on their journey beyond the Hold.

After Roundtable Hold, Brother Corhyn!

Looking for Corhyn in Elden Ring? Take a trip to the Altus Highway Junction Site of Lost Grace — an enchanting spot that could offer insight into your quest. Visit the beautiful and mysterious Site of Lost Grace, nestled in the Altus Plateau. To get there just head northward – you’ll pass Corhyn along your journey.


For those brave souls that choose to take on Corhyn’s questline, Goldmask awaits at the end of a bridge shattered northwest from Altus Plateau’s Minor Erdtree. Venture forth for an adventure like no other.

Unlocking Goldmask’s mysteries is a journey all its own. Embark on your quest to find him and be prepared for whatever he may have in store.

Take a journey north of Atlus Highway Junction and make sure to tell Corhyn about Goldmask’s whereabouts. This will encourage the character to move on over to that broken bridge.

Brother Corhyn’s journey has just begun. He may be temporarily resting on the Altus Plateau bridge, but there is much more to explore and discover.

Site Of Grace


Bridge of Iniquity 
Gelmir Hero’s Grave 
Craftsman’s Shack 
Primeval Sorcerer Azur 
Wyndham Catacombs 
Seethewater Terminus 
Seethewater River
Volcano Cave
Road Of Iniquity
Seethewater Cave 
Ninth Mt. Gelmir Campsite 
First Mt. Gelmir Campsite 


Abductor Virgin
Guest Hall
Audience Pathway 
Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy
Volcano Manor
Subterranean Inquisition Chamber
Temple of Eiglay
Prison Town Church 

Minor Erdtree Church

Get ready to track down Corhyn, he’s on the move. He can be found at Minor Erdtree Church Site of Grace in Altus Plateau, just a short journey west from Leyndell. Venture away from the Site of Grace and you’ll stumble upon Corhyn and Goldmask perched atop a hill close to an amphitheater-style construction. Venture away from the Site of Grace and discover Corhyn and Goldmask standing atop a hill beside an impressive coliseum-like structure.

Venture away from the Site of Grace and explore Corhyn and Goldmask atop a hill to find an incredible coliseum. The duo looks out majestically across the surrounding countryside, inviting all passersby for an unforgettable adventure. As your journey takes you onward, there’s one destination that will always be worth visiting – the place where it all began. Return to this spot and challenge yourself in order to defeat Elden Ring.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Do you know the location of Altus highway junction, the site of grace?

Have you ever been to the legendary Altus highway junction site of grace? If not, now’s your chance! Located in an unknown spot somewhere along its course, this mysterious place is full of enchantment and beauty. Have you ever been to the legendary Altus highway junction site of grace? If not, now’s your chance. Located in an unknown spot somewhere along its course, this mysterious place is full of enchantment and beauty.

To know more about it, read the whole article until the end.

What are the routes to get Altus Highway Junction?

The Altus Plateau is waiting – there are two different ways to get up and explore.

  1. You can use Dectus’ Great lift
  2. Or you can choose to go through Ruin Strewn Precipine.

 Which route will you choose?


Brother Corhyn and Goldmask have relocated to the stunning Mountaintops of Giants. Make a stop south of Stargazers’ Ruins for a chance encounter with these two. For those looking at taking the most direct route, look no further than Freezing Lake Site of Grace – you won’t be disappointed.

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