PayPal has come up with a Slack app, which is a new bot that is aimed at making payment between colleagues of a company or members of a group easier without leaving the preferred work chat platform.

The new bot for Slack is a potential five-word solution to money-shifting problem. It is as easy as typing in the Slack chat like below:

“/paypal send $5 to @John”

It sounds pretty easy. Isn’t?

Before the members or colleagues start sending and receiving money, it is important to get the bot approved by Slack administrator.

Cnet writes if the payment is made through a credit card, a $0.45 surcharge is charged for a transaction of $5.

Currently the PayPal bot for Slack is only made available in United States, Unioted Kingdom, Canada and Australia. In France a similar bot named LydiaBot is being used.

Meanwhile, the new Amazon Payments is also gradually becoming a strong competitor of PayPal.

Earlier PayPal integrated in Microsoft’s, Apple’s Siri, Facebook’s Messenger and other large platforms too.