Troy Baker: The Last of Us- tech preview

In the TV show called The Last of Us, there is an actor named Troy Baker: The Last of Us. He plays a character named Joel. The TV show is almost ending, and people have been waiting for it for a long time.

The Last of Us is a really famous and important game from the 2010s. It’s about Joel and Ellie who go on a dangerous journey across America, which has been destroyed by a terrible virus. Now, HBO is making a fancy and expensive TV show based on the game.

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The person who made the game, Neil Druckmann, is also helping to make the TV show. Another important person working on it is Craig Mazin, who is known for making the show Chernobyl. People have been really excited about this TV show, and they think it will be one of the best things to watch in 2023. They’re turning the amazing story from the game into a TV show.

In the original game, there are two actors who provide the voices for the main characters: Troy Baker: The Last of Us and Ashley Johnson. People who liked the game were curious to know if these actors would also be in the TV show. They wanted to know which characters they would play if they were in it.

Who does Troy Baker: The Last of Us play?

Troy Baker: The Last of Us plays a character named James in The Last of Us HBO show.

In the TV show, both Troy Baker: The Last of Us and Ashley Johnson are part of the cast, but they don’t play the same characters as in the game. People didn’t know much about Troy Baker’s role in the show, and there were different ideas about who he might be playing. However, in Episode 8, a trailer revealed more information about his character.

In the trailer, it was shown that Troy Baker: The Last of Us will be playing the character of James in the TV show. James is a member of a group led by David, who does some really bad things. James is David’s right-hand person. In the trailer, we can see that David wants to help Ellie, but James disagrees and thinks she should be left to die because he believes it’s what God wants. This creates a conflict between James and Ellie.

Why isn’t Baker playing Joel in the HBO show?

Baker is not playing Joel in the HBO show, which is disappointing for fans. Casting actors for live-action shows is more complicated than for video games. Even though Baker is around the same age as Joel in the game, which is 46 years old, it seems like he didn’t have the right appearance for the role.

Unlike Ashley Johnson, who is too old to play her 14-year-old character, the decision not to cast Baker as Joel was likely based on his looks.

Baker himself acknowledged this in an interview after the first game was released. He wasn’t sure if he would be chosen for the role because he didn’t think he looked like Joel. He believed that his appearance would be too different from what the creators were looking for.

In the HBO show, Pedro Pascal has been chosen to play Joel instead of Baker. Pedro Pascal is known for his role as a tough protector in The Mandalorian, which makes him a great fit for the character of Joel.

Fortunately, Baker is still involved in the show in a different way. He expressed his happiness for Pascal and even told him, “We’ve seen the show, and we just love you as Joel.” They shared this during a recent gaming award presentation, where they were joined by Ashley Johnson and Bella Ramsey.

In addition to The Last of Us, Baker is busy with many other projects. He is famous for giving his voice to characters in big games like Uncharted, God of War, Batman, and Superman. Also, he is collaborating with Ashley Johnson again on The Legend of Vox Machina, and the second season of that show has just been released.

Baker is also hosting The Last of Us Podcast, where they talk about each new episode of the HBO show as it is released.

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