Is Netflix’s Shmunguss category real? TikTok joke explained

The users of TikTok are confused about a viral video which claims the new category of Netflix called Shmunguss, but is it real?

In the starting, when TikTok was only starting as a platform for people to share videos, it usually focused on music, creativity, and art. The content primarily consisted of lip-syncing, dance routines, and similar types of posts.

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But, these days, TikTok has expanded to add some different types of content. You can find almost any type of video on the platform, like viral clips and pranks. Some of them are meant as jokes, whereas others flash debates among users about their authenticity. 

One latest topic of discussion is the alleged category of Netflix called Shmunguss, leaving some TikTok users wondering if it is real or fake.

Is Shmunguss on Netflix real? 

If you are not aware of teh Shmunguss debate, chances are that you have yet to watch the video by channel.everything that has more than 12 views on TikTok.

In the video, a man asks his partner about a new category of Netflix called Shmunguss that appeared on their feed. She explains that she is using a Virtual Private Network(VPN) to access different categories. However, he finds this unexpected or unusual.

Obviously, the Shmunguss category is completely made up. The shows are listed under it and are actually parodies of other shows, really incorporating the word Shmunguss somehow. So, there is no need to worry; you are not missing out on anything real.

A number of users instantly realized it was a joke and joined in on the fun, even playfully requesting Netflix to extend their favourite Shmunguss shows for some reason.

However, some people did not appear to understand that it was a joke. One person said, “Google has NOTHING. I looked up one movie, and NOTHING CAME UP; I have NEVER seen an empty,” said one. “why is no one telling us what a shmunguss is???”

Some viewers suggested that the fake category appeared too well made to be completely fake, speculating that it might be the April Fool’s Plan of Netflix leaked ahead of time. No matter, you should not waste your time searching for Shmunguss because it does not exist.

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