xQc supports Ludwig & QTCinderella after criticism of Fansly deal - Tech Preview

xQc stood up for his friend Ludwig and working mate QTCinderella Fansly when people got upset about them partnering with ‘Fansly’, a website like OnlyFans.

Ludwig set up the Fansly deal for xQc’s show “JUICED”, but xQc mentioned he didn’t know about it or set it up. Fansly also sponsored the Streamer Awards show, which QTCinderella Fansly, Ludwig’s partner, helps with.

“I want to explain that I won’t criticize Lud on my own show. Honestly, I had no idea that Fansly was a sponsor, and I never agreed to anything or received any money from Fansly,” xQc explained.

But the situation got more heated as Koil, a Twitch streamer and owner of No Pixel, expressed disapproval of Ludwig’s sponsorship.

Koil points out Ludwig’s Fansly partnership

Koil didn’t agree with Ludwig because he thought it was contradictory for him to accept a sponsorship from Fansly, especially when his girlfriend, QTCinderella Fansly, had recently spoken out against deepfake content.

“Isn’t it strange that some folks in the industry, including on Twitch, complain about treating women badly, … and then their boyfriend accepts a sponsorship from Fansly?” Koil commented.

Yet, a lot of people didn’t agree with this idea. The important difference here is that deepfake content doesn’t have the person’s permission, but the content on OnlyFans or Fansly is made and controlled by the women themselves.

xQc supports Ludwig and Fansly partnership

During his own Livestream, xQc talked about the situation with a viewer. The viewer said Ludwig and QTCinderella Fansly have a young audience, and advertising Fansly was like promoting “adult stuff.”

But xQc disagreed. He said that while Fansly and OnlyFans can be used for that, they also have other purposes, not just for grown-up content.

He added, “People who use Fansly for mature things have protections, like checking if they’re 18 or older.”

Ludwig hasn’t talked about the criticism of the Fansly partnership yet.

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