Below Deck's Ashton Pienaar

Ashton Pienaar, the most controversial cast member of seasons 6 and 7 of Below Deck, is now going viral again on the internet. This time he has been trolled for sending odd messages to fans.

There are many rise and fall seen in the crewmates of “Below Deck Franchise” popularity, including the figure Ashton Pienaar.

Ashton Pienaar, who is also ruined and drowned on the show, did not let that stop him from being the most controversial casting member of seasons 6 and 7 of Below Deck. 

After completing the show, Ashton has been continuously working to become a fitness coach and to be getting involved. 

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Nowadays, a fan on Reddit sends a screenshot of strange messages to Ashton. The name of the fan is ‘bubbles67899. ‘

He also asked other fans if they had ever received such messages.

In the message sent by Ashton, he was inquiring about what is a capacitive thing on his account that caught the attention of bubbles67899. He was asked and followed up two times when he did not get a reply.

"I get he is hawking his fitness thing, but the follow-up is odd?"

Bubbles67899 shared the message to Reddit and asked about the situation, and other fans also shared their experience of getting the same message after following Ashton or knowing someone who did this.

Bubbles67899 shared the message to Reddit

According to the general opinion, the message of Ashton resembles a “scammy multi-level marketing scheme.” One person on Reddit mentioned that Influencers on Instagram do the same thing to monetize their followers, mainly using automated methods to get the response and finally make offers or sales.

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On Instagram, he presents himself as a  “Yo-Yo Diet Recovery Coach” on Instagram, making people promise to help them in changing from feeling emotionally and physically weak to feeling happy and strong without adopting any gym sessions or strict diets.

However, this marketing strategy did not resonate perfectly with fans, mainly on Reddit.

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