Sentry Tournament of Champions: Jon Rahm gets another trophy

Jon Rahm believes he is been doing great in golf lately. He won three times in his last five tournaments all around the world. However, winning the Sentry Tournament of Champions was a surprise for him.

Jon Rahm thinks he is been playing really well lately. He won three times in his last five tournaments all over the world. The latest win, however, was a big surprise for him.

Even though Rahm was behind Collin Morikawa seven shots at the beginning of the final round in the Sentry Tournament of Champions, he did not give up. Morikawa was playing without making any mistakes. Rahm thought, “I’ll need a small miracle,” but when he made a mistake on the first hole, he realized he would need an even bigger miracle.

He did it with some help from Morikawa

Rahm did really well with a score of 10-under 63, making four birdies and an eagle in the last seven holes for a two-shot win. However, Morikawa played a big part, too. He seemed like the certain winner for a long time, but his wedges and putter, the things he wanted to get better at, did not work well. The tournament changed significantly in a crazy hour at the Plantation Course at Kapalua, with a seven-shot difference in just four holes.

Rahm made three birdies in a row and then hit a great 8-iron shot to 12 feet on the 15th hole for an eagle. Morikawa, who had not made a mistake in 67 holes, was two groups behind. However, then, he had a tough time on Maui, and it became a PGA Tour record, the 9th player to lose a 6 shot lead before the final round.

From 25 yards away, he hit a bunker shot too hard over the 14th green. When he tried to pitch up the steep slope to the 15th hole, he did not do it well. His wedge shot to the 16th did not go over the false front and rolled 70 feet back to the fairway.

However, at that point, it was already too late. Morikawa made a birdie on the 18th hole, his first one on Sunday since the sixth hole. It left him behind two shots, and the $1.5 million prize was not much comfort. Morikawa said, “I will take two days off and enjoy Hawaii more. It will not be as significant, however it will still be good. I’m already thinking about what we need to do. It is going to hurt, but I have to get over it because we’re still in the very early parts of the season.”

A lot of attention was on a season that was expected to bring big rewards, especially with important events, now called “designated” by the PGA Tour, offering around $20 million in prizes to compete with the significant money in the Saudi-backed LIV Golf circuit.

It is still early in the season. Even though Rahm did not expect the victory, it sure made a strong statement.

Purple Patch

He felt really sad about not doing well in the top 10 in any of the big golf tournaments last year. However, from August onwards, when the PGA Tour’s special games started, Rahm played in nine tournaments worldwide and only did not make it to the top 10 once. He won the DP World Tour Championship and Spanish Open, and now he has his ninth PGA Tour victory. He is won in each of his seven full years on tour.

“In my mind, I think I’ve been the best player in the world since August, and I think many of us should feel like we are the best a lot of times,” Rahm said. “Earlier in the year, Scottie (Scheffler) was the best player, then Rory (McIlroy) was, and now I feel like it is me.”

He could not help but think about how he would have felt if Morikawa had not had a surprising drop in performance. A year ago, Rahm had a really good score of 33-under par at Kapalua, which would have been a PGA Tour record if Cameron Smith had not won at 34 under. So, in his last two times playing at Kapalua, he was a total of 60 under par.

Important Links

“If I had scored 60 under par in two games here and still did not win any of them, that would have been really tough to accept,” he said.

Moreover, what if he had not changed his clothes? Rahm had been wearing navy blue pants all week because he forgot his belts and did not want to wear black in the warm weather. However, then, with a mid-morning start, he decided to switch to black pants and his red shirt.

That is the combination Tiger Woods usually wears on Sundays, and Rahm was hesitant about copying him. “I usually do not want to wear anything close to red with black on Sundays because of Tiger. That is his outfit,” he said.

However, Rahm’s performance matched up to it really well.

People May Also Ask

How many dollars did Jon Rahm win at the Sentry Tournament of Champions?

Jon Rahm won $2.7 million at the Sentry Tournament of Champions and also earned 550 FedExCup points.

Which big golf competition did Jon Rahm win?

Jon Rahm is the best golfer in the world, and he won the PGA Championship. He is also the current Masters champion, so he has won two major tournaments. One was the 2021 U.S. Open at Torrey Pines.

Who gets to play in the Sentry Tournament of Champions?

The Sentry Tournament of Champions has a small group of really good players. It includes those who won tournaments in 2023 and the top 50 players from the FedExCup standings who qualified for the 2023 BMW Championship.

How much did Rahm win today?

Jon Rahm won a big prize of $3.24 million for coming first at the 2023 Masters on Sunday.

Is Jon Rahm’s wife from America?

Jon Rahm’s wife is Kelley Cahill, and she is American. She was born in 1994, grew up in Lake Oswego, Oregon, and played many sports in college.