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There are stories on the internet that say a woman named Jennifer Hernandez, who was a bodybuilder, may have died when she was 58 years old on October 24th.

Hernandez’s family has not said anything about her passing, but another bodybuilder named Denis James posted on Instagram to tell people.

He said:

“I’m still in shock and can’t believe we lost you Jen. Rest In Peace Jennifer Hernandez. You will be missed forever and always.”

Jennifer Hernandez last did a bodybuilding competition in August at the Tampa Pro in 2021. She started doing women’s physique competitions in 2005 and became a professional in 2009 when she was 47 years old.

People who liked Jennifer Hernandez are showing their love for her on the internet:

“We all have the ability to shine bright like a star. We have the power to live life to our fullest potential.”

Even though we do not know why Jennifer Hernandez died, some of her fans think that being a bodybuilder might have had something to do with her passing early. Sometimes, we hear about other bodybuilders dying young, like George Peterson, who just passed away this month.

On Jennifer Hernandez’s website, she said her main goal was to make people feel positive and hopeful and encourage them to live a healthy life.

As rumours about her death spread on the internet, people started guessing. Some said she might have had a heart attack, and others thought she might have taken too many drugs.

Her fans are sharing tributes to her on Instagram:

Some people on the internet got mad at bodybuilding and said:

“OMG. I’ve met her through you…She was absolute sweetheart. Condolences to her family and friends. (When she found out I needed to go to supermarket, she had her daughter drive me there. Incredible human being. She’ll keep shining on all of us from Heavens. RIP Jen.”

“This is absolutely devastating, Lord cover and guide her family as they deal with her passing. May she truly rest in heavenly peace.”

“There is something not right in the bodybuilding world why we lost so many athletes these days.”

“Enough is enough. When will the IFBB step up to do something? Their silence is complicity. We true fans are sick and tired of you amazing athletes dying way too you. We love you on stage but we’d rather have you around.”

Jennifer Hernandez also said on her website that she wanted to help people live healthy and happy lives by teaching them to make better choices. She wanted to spread love and happiness.

On her website, she said she was a teacher, competitor, mom, personal trainer, someone people looked up to, and a grandmother. Her family and community will miss her.

Hearing about Jennifer Hernandez’s death is really sad, especially because it has been a tough year for bodybuilding. Even though these events may seem unrelated, a number of young athletes, like George Peterson, have passed away in 2021. George passed away shortly before the Mr. Olympia competition.

Jennifer’s death, like the others this year, might have happened for different reasons. People are starting to ask for better health practices in bodybuilding to keep athletes safe. The person who owns Mr. Olympia, Jake Wood, has talked about this. It is important to note that there is no proof that Jennifer Hernandez’s death was directly caused by her bodybuilding.

We are still learning more about this story, and Generation Iron Fitness Network will keep you updated. Everyone on the Generation Iron team wants to express their sympathy to Jennifer’s friends and family during this tough time.


Jennifer Hernandez, a talented bodybuilder who helped people achieve their goals in life, is no longer with us. However, we can still learn from her work and her social media. She earned a lot of respect during her life.

I hope the information I shared has given you a better understanding of Jennifer Hernandez’s life and career as a bodybuilder.

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