Gracie Hunt elevates football fashion at Chiefs Style Lounge - Tech Preview

Gracie Hunt’s dad is the boss of the Kansas City Chiefs, a football team started by Lamar Hunt. Her mom, Tavia Shackles, used to be in beauty contests and did well in the 1993 Miss USA contest.

Gracie did something similar to her mom by winning the Miss Kansas contest in 2021 and going to Miss USA. Now, she is not doing beauty contests, but she mixes her parents’ worlds with the Chiefs Style Lounge every year.

Gracie Hunt posted news about the most recent Chiefs Style Lounge

Gracie Hunt talked about what happened at this year’s Chiefs Style Lounge. It is a yearly event to help the Chiefs Women’s Organization. Gracie posted a video about it on Instagram and wrote something along with it.

The video has her leading the event, smiling for pictures, having her makeup put on, acting for the camera in front of a Chiefs-themed wall painting, and enjoying with the guests. For this year’s Chiefs Style Lounge, everyone had to dress in a cool Chiefs fashion.

The 2023 Chiefs Style Lounge happened at The LEX. The caption on the Chiefs’ official website explains this.

Just like it was described, the event celebrated National Women’s Business Month by showing off businesses owned by women in the area.

Dia Wall from KSHB41 helped host the fun activities, like a fashion show where models wore the newest Chiefs clothes. At the same time, the Chiefs Women’s Organization does things to help the community, such as collecting diapers and building houses in the Kansas City area.

Gracie Hunt is not only a beauty queen

She got interested in staying healthy and fit when she was a kid because she got sick with Celiac Disease. She used to play soccer; then she got into beauty pageants.

After she finished with beauty pageants, she started running long distances. That is why her website talks about staying fit, fashion, doing good things for others, and football.

She also works with the team, especially in marketing. Gracie has two siblings, Ava and Knobel. Her brother plays for the FC Dallas soccer team.

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