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Gavin Casalegno, known for his role in “The Summer I Turned Pretty,” is facing criticism on social media. People are upset with him because they think he has conservative, transphobic, anti-vaccine, and anti-feminist views. He hasn’t responded to these accusations yet.

Gavin Casalegno is a 24-year-old actor famous for his role in a show on Amazon Prime Video. He used to be liked by fans for supporting the LGBTQ community. But now, some people are saying he has different beliefs. This information came out on Reddit when a user posted a screenshot from an Instagram video:

“When you find out she’s unvaxxed, not a feminist, loves the Lord, and aspired to be a wife, mother and homemaker.”

The screenshot showed that Gavin Casalegno, the actor from “I am Gabriel,” had liked a video.

Gavin Casalegno’s actions on social media have caused a lot of discussion on the internet

On a platform called X, a user named @hugsforcolbs posted a series of messages about the actor’s controversial social media activity.

It turns out that Casalegno had liked several posts by Dean Cain. According to @hugsforcolbs, Dean Cain is a conservative figure who is against transgender issues, supports Kyle Rittenhouse, and agrees with many Republican ideas.

He is also against the Black Lives Matter movement. Casalegno’s ‘likes’ on X also included positive messages about Greg Abbott, the Republican Governor of Texas, who is known for his anti-abortion stance.

Gavin’s dad, Bryan Casalegno, also faced criticism on social media after his activity on X was exposed. Another X user, @ravngirls, found out that he followed Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Libs of Tiktok, and Andrew Tate on X.

This X user also revealed that Bryan had liked an article that said something.

“Most Americans believe the FBI is covering up the Biden family’s crimes”

@hugsforcolbs also found that Gavin Casalegno had used his Instagram to show support for Israel during its conflict with Palestine. He apparently liked Instagram posts that supported Israel.

“Israel is under attack by hamas. 50+ terrorists have reportedly entered Israel from Gaza. Please Prayer for Israel.”

The X user also shared a screenshot from Reddit that talked about how Gavin Casalegno changed a lot between the first two seasons of “The Summer I Turned Pretty.” The Reddit post said that his ego got really big, and he could be very difficult to work with and disrespectful to producers when he was in a bad mood.

@ravngirls also found that Gavin, who comes from Dallas, Texas, had liked a video by Jordan Peterson that some people considered transphobic. In the video, this motivational speaker reportedly said something controversial:

“”Well, that’s not the person’s real core self.” It’s like, “sorry, man, you’ve wandered into unchartered territory there.” First of all, you think you know what constitutes people’s core self. It’s like, really? You really know that do you? Yeah, well, I don’t think so.”

Of course, the social media actions that were just revealed have surprised and upset many people online. A lot of them went on social media to talk about what happened.

As I mentioned before, Gavin Casalegno hasn’t said anything about this controversy publicly at the time when this article was written.

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