Read Tales of Demons and Gods - Tech Preview

The manga Tales of Demons and Gods is an easy story. In three years, the only city left, Glory City, will be gone, and people will have no place to live. The hero, Nie Li, is the only hope to save the city. He passed on his memories to his 13 years old self to change what happened.

It is kind of like a time travel story. Nie Li wants to fix things that went wrong in the future. Like in many stories with time travel, fans need to pay attention, or they might miss important parts of the story.

10 Things About Tales of Demons and Gods

Here we have mentioned 10 things about Tales of Demons and Gods Manga that you should know about:

There’s a cartoon show made with all computer animation

There’s a cartoon series made with computer graphics based on Tales of Demons and Gods. This manga is from China, and they call it Manhua. So, for many people, the animated series is their first look at the story.
The good news is, even though it is all computer-made, it does not look bad. Some other cartoons tried this and did not do so well, like Berserk. However, the animated series does not always follow the original story, especially in season 2, which the studio made up.

Nie Li: An Alchemist Savant

Nie Li is really good at making potions. In action stories, the main character has to be great at something, right? For Nie Li, it is not just fighting; it is alchemy.

He knows a lot because his future self told him, and now he is even better than the boss of the potion-making group. It might seem strange that a 25-year-old woman is like a helper to a thirteen-year-old boy, but she is just doing it to learn his potion recipes.

It is Beyond A Mere Monster Attack To Destroy Glory City

The plan to wreck Glory City is not just about monsters attacking. According to Nie Li, in the old timeline, monsters destroyed the city, but there is more to it. The story has many politics.

The big players are the Dark Guild and the Sacred Family. They try to get what they want from the city. However, sometimes, the Dark Guild does its own thing and leaves the Sacred Family behind.

Powerups of Nie Li Are Making Sense and Justified

Nie Li getting stronger in Tales of Demons and Gods makes sense. Unlike many action stories, his powerups are not random. He knows a lot because of his transferred memories, and his power as a demon spiritualist is logical. In a fight with Chu Yuan, who tried to mess with Nie Li’s soul, it ended up making Nie Li even more powerful.

Nie Li acts less smart on purpose to hide his real abilities

To keep his secret, Nie Li has to pretend he is not as smart as he really is. Some important people know he is clever, and the news is spreading, but at the beginning of the story, Nie Li has to act much less smart than he truly is.

It is tough for him because sometimes he wants to show how smart he is, but he has to remember to act like a regular student at Holy Orchid Academy, not the hero of Glory City.

People began the fight with Demon Beasts, not the other way around

In most stories, anything demonic is usually the bad guy. It is even worse when they are the ones who wreck a city, like in Tales of Demons & Gods. However, here is the twist.

Humans started the fight with the demon beasts because they got scared of one powerful beast. They tried to kill it, failed, and then the beast fought back against humanity.

Many Shonen Series Easter Eggs That Inspired The Author

In the manga, authors often show respect to each other by adding hidden references. The Big Three, like One Piece, did this a lot.

Tales of Demons and Gods does the same, and sometimes even more. Just by looking at Nie Li, you might be reminded of Naruto or Ichigo. Moreover, there are moments where characters do hand seals, just like in Naruto.

Actions of Nie Li To Save The Future Slowly

If you have seen time-travel movies, you know that changing things in the past can mess up the future. Every action creates a ripple effect, and it might not be good.

Nie Li learns this when he tries to ruin the Sacred Families’ reputation. It ends up making their plans for the city more urgent, giving Nie Li less time to fix things.

Lots of characters, like Hu Yan Lan Ruo, have more to them than you might think at first

Many characters in the story have more to them than it seems, especially Hu Yan Lan Ruo. Just by looking at her, it might seem like she is just there to look good for fans. She wears revealing clothes and acts flirty, but that is not all there is to her. It is like she is wearing a mask.

In reality, she is an intelligent woman who uses her charm and cleverness to get what she wants. Demon Fighters and Spiritualists Are Broken Down Into Five Ranks

In action manga like Tales of Demons and Gods, they often have a system to show how strong the characters are. Here, there are five ranks: Bronze, Silver, Legendary, Gold, and Black Gold. It is a way to give an idea of someone’s power, although Nie Li breaks the rules because of what he knows.

Interestingly, one of the strongest, Ye Mao, does not appear until after 200+ chapters. This builds up the excitement to finally see a legendary rank in action.