Top 20 NBA Players With Dreads!

With an upswing in the NBA’s dreadlocked ranks, it looks like sporting some serious snarls is now more fashionable than ever.

Want to know who the trendiest basketball superstars are? Check out these top NBA players with dreads and make a statement on the court.

Get ready to watch some true sports superstars. We’ve hand-picked the most stylish and talented players out there, so you won’t want to miss it.

Take a look at the top 20 NBA stars rocking dreads. From Dwyane Wade to Russell Westbrook, these players prove that you can take your game to the next level and still show off awesome style.

20 NBA Players With Dreads

Dreadlocks have a special power to bring out the best in athletes. Could it be their eye-catching look? Or is there something more hidden beneath those luscious locks that drive players onward toward victory?

There’s no questioning it – players with dreads are among the NBA’s trendiest, most admired stars. And we can all see why.

 NBA players with dreads are turning heads with their bold and stylish dreadlocks! These athletes aren’t afraid to express themselves through fashion, making them true trendsetters on the court. Have a look:

Ben Wallace

NameBen Wallace
Date of birth10 September 1974
Place of birthWhite Hall, AL
Height2.06 m
CountryUnited States
Age48 years
Weight109 kg

Ben Wallace has taken the NBA by storm with his astonishing dunks and iconic dreadlocks. He’s quickly become one of today’s most recognizable stars. Ben Wallace is an exceptional leader in his field, ranking among the best in the country. He continues to strive for excellence and push himself each day, never settling for mediocrity. His height is 6’9″ and he plays for the Detroit Pistons. 

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Ben Wallace is a true triple threat on the court. He’s an all-around great player known for his impressive agility and unequaled shot-blocking skills, not to mention he can drain threes like no other. With long arms and big hands helping him dominate both sides of the ball, it’s clear why Vallance has earned respect from opponents around the league.

Since entering the NBA as an undrafted free agent, Wallace has become a force to be reckoned with. He’s helped propel his team into playoff contention each of the past three years and been one of only a few East players sporting dreadlocks on the court.

Throughout his career, Ben Wallace is a defensive powerhouse. He was awarded four Defensive Player of the Year awards and during his time with the Detroit Pistons, he helped them reach two NBA Finals – taking home their first championship in 2004.

Wallace was a force to be reckoned with on the court, sweeping numerous accolades throughout his fifteen-year career. He won block champion honors one time and rebounding championships twice, plus he earned All-Defensive recognition six times.

On a chilly winter day, record-setting NBA veteran Wallace achieved an impressive milestone – his 1,000th game. He joined just 95 other players in the history of the league to have played that many games.

Robin Lopez

NameRobin Lopez
Date of birth01 April 1988
Place of birthFresno, CA
CountryUnited States
Age34 years
Weight127 kg
Height2.13 m

Robin Lopez is a top-notch NBA players with dreads who stands out with his dreadlocks. Robin and Brook Lopez’s basketball journey began back in 2008, but recently it reached a remarkable milestone when Brook won the 2021 NBA championship – proving that siblings can reach great heights together.

In 2008, the Phoenix Suns began a new era by selecting Robin Lopez as their 15th overall pick in the NBA Draft. After four memorable years in Arizona, he was traded to New Orleans and eventually made his way to Portland – where he’s been making waves ever since.

Robin Lopez had a stellar 2009-10 regular season, averaging 8.4 points, 4.9 rebounds, and 1 block per game – an impressive feat for NBA players for dreads.

Ja Morant

Name      Ja Morant
Date of birthAugust 10, 1999
Place of birthDalzell, South Carolina, United States
CountryUnited States
Age23 years
Weight79 kg
Height1.88 m

Ja Morant is an NBA superstar who’s not afraid to stand out with his hairstyle. His dreads are a symbol of the unique confidence he brings to the court each day. He is an electrifying point guard with the Memphis Grizzlies, who has turned heads since his birth in South Carolina on August 10, 1999. After a vibrant college career at Murray State University, he was selected 2nd overall by the Grizzles during the 2019 NBA Draft and hasn’t looked back ever since.

Ja Morant has made a huge impact in his four years with the Memphis Grizzlies. He was drafted as their second overall pick and capped off this achievement when he became the NBA’s Rookie of The Year in 2020. Ja is making waves on the court, and it’s clear that his hard work is paying off for him -and all of us- to enjoy.

His height is 6”3(1.91 meters) and the best athletic body as NBA players with dreads.

Ja Morant is an electrifying player to watch, with his high-flying dunks making him a household name. He’s been dubbed the next Russell Westbrook and Dwyane Wade – icons of basketball who’ve set new standards in skill and excitement. Ja Morant has quickly become a shining star in the NBA, bringing tons of energy and enthusiasm to every game. He’s sure to be an all-star for many years to come.

Elfrid Payton

Name      Elfrid Payton
Date of birth22 February 1994
Place of birthUnited States
CountryUnited States
Age28 years
Weight88 kg
Height1.91 m

Elfrid Payton is a rising star in the NBA who currently shines for the New Orleans Pelicans. With his fast-paced, dynamic playing style and passion on the court, he’s quickly becoming an exciting force to watch. Before joining the Orlando Magic in 2014, Elfrid Payton was a star player for the University of Louisiana at Lafayette – showcasing his hoops prowess on their basketball court.

With his unique hairdo, Elfrid Payton was an unstoppable force on the court. His distinct part made it almost impossible for opponents to keep up with him during one-on-one games – a fact that had every player scrambling for new tactics.

In 2018, he cut his signature hair and it is also believed that cutting his hair also hampered his performance.

Payton is a basketball star with serious skills. Boasting incredible passing ability and court vision, he’s been likened to NBA legend Magic Johnson. Not surprisingly, Payton was named Sun Belt Conference Defensive Player of the Year two years in a row – plus First Team All-Sun Belt and Second Team All-American accolades seal the deal as an elite player on both offense and defense.

Elfrid Payton’s hairline was unmissable in the NBA league and became an inside joke, with fans nicknaming it “the best defender” or a ‘stopper’. It didn’t stop him from becoming one of the top players though.

After a stellar rookie season with the Magic, Elfrid Payton found himself in New Orleans after being traded for guard Tim Frazier. His hard work paid off and he was recognized as part of the NBA All-Rookie Second Team.

Markelle Fultz

Name      Markelle  Fultz
Date of birth29 May 1998
Place of birthUpper Marlboro, MD
CountryUnited States
Age24 years
Weight95 kg
Height1.91 m

Markelle Fultz is quickly making a name for himself in the NBA. The 2017 number one overall pick has established himself as one of basketball’s dynamic young talents.

Markelle Fultz never sacrifices style for performance, rocking a head full of locs with an edgy undercut that complements his 6-foot-3 frame and sweet game.

The basketballer might not be making a name for himself on the court yet, but his discussion of some of the NBA’s best hair has definitely made waves – proving he knows more than just game strategy.

Markelle Fultz stands tall at 6′ 4″, making full use of his impressive stature on both ends of the court. Defensively he’s already solid and is poised to break out further as an offensive player – especially when it comes to attacking the basket with finesse. His rebounding abilities are equally remarkable for a point guard. Markelle has all-around potential that looks set to amaze us in future seasons.

Mike Conley Jr.

Name      Mike Conley
Date of birth11 October 1987
Place of birthIndianapolis, IN
CountryUnited States
Age35 years
Weight79 kg
Height1.85 m

Mike Conley Jr. is a trailblazer for dreads in the NBA and an all-star point guard! Known to Memphis Grizzlies fans as “The Franchise” he has been shining on the court since being drafted 14 years ago. As if that wasn’t already enough, Mike was even part of Team USA’s gold medal winning squad at the 2008 Olympics – what a showstopper.

Mike Conley Jr. knows how to rock the dreadlocks. He’s one of those players who is superstitious about his hair, so he always styles it in classic locks for that extra luck on game day.

He was a man of superstition: when his team hit the win column, he would tightly tie up his dreadlocks as if it gave them an extra edge. But during losses, they’d flow freely- a reminder that no one is invincible all the time.

Mike Conley Jr. is certainly a style standout on the court, no matter his hair. He’s always at the top of any conversation about NBA players with dreads – an undisputed MVP (Most Voluminous Hair) in our books.

As a rookie, Mike Conley Jr. shined brightly in the biggest moments – notably setting his season-high of 20 points and seven assists in an exciting 134–124 matchup against the Cavaliers. Impressive stats indeed at 9.4 & 4.2 assists per game.

Kenneth Faried

Kenneth Faried is a towering presence on the court, standing tall at 6’8″. The Denver Nuggets took him in 2011’s first round of the NBA draft with their whopping 22nd pick. Since then he has been turning heads.

Kenneth Faried made a huge splash as an NBA rookie, shooting for the stars with 10.2 points & 7.7 rebounds per game.

Kenneth Faried is a New Jersey native who made his mark in the basketball world while playing high school ball at Newark Tech and college ball at Morehead State University. While there, Kenneth bagged two Ohio Valley Conference Player of the Year awards and led his team to an NCAA tournament berth with their conference championship win during Kenneth’s senior season.

After being overlooked in the draft, Kenneth Faried took his talents overseas and worked hard to earn a spot back on an NBA roster. Now he is one of the most dependable rebounders around and has become known as a go-to scoring threat for Denver. Kenneth Faried has been a star in the NBA since joining seven years ago. Not only is he consistently scoring double digits, but was also honored with an All-Star nomination and won gold as part of USA Basketball’s Men’s National Team at the 2014 FIBA World Cup.

Derrick Rose

Name             Derrick Rose
Date of birth04 October 1988
Place of birthChicago, IL
CountryUnited States
Age34 years
Weight91 kg
Height1.88 m

Derrick Rose has been a driving force for some extraordinary teams over the past 11 years. As an elite point guard, he’s consistently averaged 19.7 points per game and made his mark in the NBA. 

Derrick Rose has had an impressive career, including a history-making moment at just 22 years old when he was awarded the NBA Most Valuable Player Award – becoming the league’s youngest MVP ever.

Derrick Rose’s unique style has been an inspiration to fans, especially his signature dreadlock look with the Detroit Pistons. Secured by a rubber tie, it was certainly one of the most iconic looks in basketball history.

Derrick Rose stands tall and proud, measuring 6 feet 3 inches with an athletic 86 kilograms on the scales. But his striking physique isn’t all that’s noticeable – there’s also his iconic hairstyle.

Robert Covington

Name             Robert Covington
Date of birth14 December 1990
Place of birth
CountryUnited States
Age32 years
Weight95 kg
Height2.01 m

Robert Covington is a star in the National Basketball Association. After an impressive college career at Tennessee State University, he now plays for the Minnesota Timberwolves and strives to be one of their top players.

Robert Covington was born on a sunny day in December 1990, in the small town of Bellwood Illinois. Growing up he ran track and played basketball at Proviso West High School where his skills won him three-time all-conference honors. Not only that – but Robert’s star talent helped lead his team to victory winning the championship title of the 2009 Class 4A state. To top it off, he even earned himself an impressive spot as a qualifier for the long jump at states.

Robert Covington’s Tennessee State University career was a huge success. He won the Ohio Valley Conference Defensive Player of the Year in his junior year and proved to be an unstoppable force leading the conference in steals (2.6 per game) and finishing second for rebounding with 9.2 boards a night.

He’s not only a great basketball player, he knows how to put his own personal style into the game; from slick new hairdos each season, to playing with flair – this sports star is one of a kind.

Robbert Convington doesn’t shy away from being daring with his hairstyle; sporting braids, mohawk, and top-up dreadlocks – this guy rocks the ultimate combination of coolness and sophistication.

DeAndre Jordan

Name             Deandre Jordan
Date of birth21 July 1988
Place of birthHouston, TX
CountryUnited States
Age34 years
Weight120 kg
Height2.11 m

Hyland DeAndre Jordan Jr. is a beloved face in the NBA, playing for Denver’s Nuggets and drawing crowds of admirers since his birth on July 21st, 1988. He continues to captivate fans with his impressive basketball skills.

Hyland DeAndre Jordan stands a towering 6’11” and has been an NBA star since 2008. He’s now playing for the Los Angeles Lakers where fans have come to appreciate his incredible ability to protect the rim as well as control rebounds. Hyland DeAndre Jordan is one of the NBA’s most sought-after players, both for his play on the court and off! His wild dreads make him stand out from the crowd – he has been representing them since day 1, with no sign of slowing down.

DeAndre’s daring new look had everyone talking! His choice to grow out and dreadlock his hair sparked an excited buzz all over social media. 

Chris Wilcox

Name                    Chris Wilcox
Date of birth03 September 1982
Place of birthRaleigh, NC
CountryUnited States
Age40 years
Weight107 kg
Height2.08 m

Chris Wilcox stands tall at 6’10” and 235 pounds of pure power. His basketball prowess made him a hot commodity during the 2002 NBA Draft, with the Los Angeles Clippers ultimately snagging his talents in the first round.

Chris Wilcox has had a grand tour of the NBA, suiting up for teams like Detroit Pistons, the Seattle SuperSonics, New York Knicks, and Boston Celtics.

Jimmy Butler

Name                    Jimmy Butler
Date of birth14 September 1989
Place of birthHouston, TX
CountryUnited States
Age33 years
Weight104 kg
Height2.01 m

Jimmy Butler is an inspiring success story. Hailing from Houston, Texas, he worked his way up the ranks to achieve his dream of becoming a professional basketball player in the NBA – currently starring for the Miami Heat. After shining at Marquette University and Tyler Junior College, Jimmy was selected by Chicago Bulls with the 30th overall pick in the 2011’s Draft – paving the path to long-lasting stardom.

Jimmy Butler made a name for himself as an athletic powerhouse, earning six All-Star nods and was voted the NBA’s Most Improved Player in 2015. He is also highly respected among his peers – they named him one of their Top 100 players that same year.

Jimmy Butler recently sent waves through NBA Twitter with an unexpected makeover! Fans were in for a surprise when he posted a pic of himself rocking full dreadlocks, after having sported shorter hair just a few months prior.

Butler has made a daring change by saying goodbye to his long hair, but he hasn’t completely ruled out the possibility of returning them sometime down the line.

Jordan Hill

Name                    Jordan Hill
Date of birth27 July 1987
Place of birthNewberry, SC
CountryUnited States
Age35 years
Weight109 kg
Height2.08 m

Jordan Hill, a talented American basketball player, was chosen by the New York Knicks in 2009 as the eighth overall pick in the NBA Draft. He has gone on to play for some major teams such as Los Angeles Lakers, Houston Rockets, and Indiana Pacers since then.

Jordan Hill is a two-time NBA All-Star with unstoppable energy and incredible rebounding skills. He earned the sought-after All-NBA Third Team title in 2013, cementing his place among basketball’s elites.

Since joining the NBA, J. Hill has been one of its most reliable performers – a double-double machine who’s consistently brought both points and boards to the court for eight seasons straight.

Hill is an amazing free-agent player with a unique style – his dreadlocked hair has become iconic and he’s sure to remain one of the most respected players on the court.

JaVale McGee

Name                           Javale McGee
Date of birth19 January 1988
Place of birthFlint, MI
CountryUnited States
Age34 years
Weight122 kg
Height2.13 m

JaVale McGee isn’t afraid to stand out. His hair is often a showstopper – he always finds an exciting and creative way to style it that leaves his fans in awe.

JaVale McGee made his NBA debut with the Washington Wizards after being drafted as their 18th overall pick in 2008. The organization not only gave him a chance to prove himself but also offered him an impressive two-year contract valued at $2.4 million.

Throughout his career, JaVale McGee has rocked some daring hairstyles – from buzzing short to top-up dreadlocks and everything in between. He’s never afraid of making a statement with his look.

JaVale McGee’s amazing talent on the court is certainly noteworthy, but he’ll always be remembered for his iconic braids that inspired a hairstyle trend across the NBA.

Allen Iverson

Name                                  Allen Iverson
Date of birth07 June 1975
Place of birth
CountryUnited States
Age47 years
Weight75 kg
Height1.83 m

Allen Iverson is a basketball legend. Not only was he an unstoppable force on the court, but his charisma and signature dreadlocks made him truly unforgettable.

Allen Iverson wasn’t afraid to take fashion risks, and he left an impressive mark on the NBA – showing players how to express their unique styles. His impact still resonates today.

He was a basketball icon, earning MVP honors in 2001 and becoming an 11-time all-star. He also made The NBA seven times – making him one of the most prolific scorers ever with four scoring titles to his name.

He truly shined when he was MVP of the league, averaging an impressive 31.1 points per game that season and pushing even further with a career-high 33.0 during his last campaign in Philadelphia.

Richard Hamilton

Name                                  Richard Hamilton
Date of birth14 February 1978
Place of birthCoatesville, PA
CountryUnited States
Age44 years
Weight88 kg
Height2.01 m

Rip Hamilton was a three-time NBA All-Star and an MVP on the court. He is best known for his brief but unforgettable stint with the Detroit Pistons, where he led them to an incredible championship victory in 2004.

Hamilton was known for more than just his skills on the court. His dreadlocks were almost as legendary, and he is credited with popularizing that style in the NBA! He also had a signature corner jump shot which terrorized opponents during his time in the league.

Hamilton was more than just a star on the court; his signature dreadlocks made him an iconic symbol off it too. His locks were always coiffed to perfection, giving fans everywhere something to remember him by – making Hamilton one of basketball’s most recognizable stars. He always made sure to turn heads with his fashion choices, often bringing the latest trends into post-game interviews and making bold statements on and off the court.

Hamilton has been a major influence on athlete fashion, and not just for basketball players. From re-igniting the headband trend to setting sneaker trends in culture – Hamilton’s style is everywhere.

Amar’e Stoudemire

Name                                  Amar’e Stoudemire
Date of birth16 November 1982
Place of birth
CountryUnited States
Age40 years
Weight111 kg
Height2.08 m

Amar’e Stoudemire is a star in the NBA thanks to his dreadlocks and dominant play as a power forward. He dazzled fans with both style and substance, having played for top teams like Phoenix Suns, the New York Knicks, and Miami Heat. 

He was a basketball powerhouse, known for his explosive dunks and six All-Star nods during his 15 years in the NBA. His remarkable athleticism stunned crowds all across America until he retired in 2016 as one of the league’s most revered players with four All-NBA First Team honors under his belt.

Drew Gooden

Name                                  Drew Gooden
Date of birth24 September 1981
Place of birthOakland, CA
CountryUnited States
Age41 years
Weight113 kg
Height2.08 m

Drew Gooden is no ordinary NBA player – he stands out with his signature dreadlocks and has been lacing up for various teams throughout his successful career. With power, character, and an unmistakable presence on the court, NBA star Drew Gooden has become a fan favorite not only for his skills but also for his signature dreadlocks. Although there’s no official proof that those famous locks give him an edge over other players, it’s clear to everybody why he stands out from the rest.

Gooden is leading the charge for racial equality and diversity in basketball – promoting a more inclusive environment. His bold calls to action have been met with overwhelming support by fans, giving rise to larger discussions around race within NBA circles.

Carmelo Anthony

Name                                  Carmelo Anthony
Date of birth29 May 1984
Place of birthNew York, NY
CountryUnited States
Age38 years
Weight108 kg
Height2.03 m

Carmelo Anthony is an absolute powerhouse on the court. He’s a 10-time NBA All-Star and also made it to the top of his field with Team USA, bringing home an Olympic gold medal! His iconic dreadlocks have also solidified him as one of basketball’s most fashionable stars — no matter where he goes, Carmelo rocks those locks with style.

He grew up in Brooklyn, and his roots trace back to Caribbean Puerto Rico. His talents for basketball were discovered playing street ball games until a college coach saw him play – launching Carmelo’s career into the big leagues! In 2003, he was drafted by Denver Nuggets after an impressive run at Syracuse University.

He has been a dominant force since entering the NBA. Earning his place as one of the top scorers in league history, Melo’s unmistakable dreadlocks make him stand out on and off court – not to mention he’s an absolute fan favorite.

Chris Bosh

Name                                  Chris Bosh
Date of birth24 March 1984
Place of birthDallas, TX
CountryUnited States
Age38 years
Weight107 kg
Height2.11 m

Chris Bosh was a legendary NBA figure who made his mark on the league during stints with both Toronto Raptors and Miami Heat. He added glamour as an All-Star player, before cementing himself in basketball history by winning two championships at Miami.

In 2003, the Toronto Raptors chose Chris Bosh with their fourth overall pick in the NBA Draft – and it became an amazing choice. He quickly emerged as one of the top players on his team, averaging a remarkable 10+ rebounds and 20+ points each game. In 2006, he was honored for all his hard work when selected to play at that year’s All-Star Game.

In 2010, Chris Bosh joined LeBron James and Dwyane Wade to create one of the NBA’s greatest power trios. Together they dominated their competition as they powered through four straight Finals appearances and earned championships in 2012 and 2013 with Miami Heat.

Chris Bosh used to have a signature look that had NBA fans doing double-takes in Toronto. But his style changed drastically when he joined Miami, trading eye-catching locks for an understated presence.

In 2016, Chris Bosh sadly had to bid farewell to his beloved basketball career after being diagnosed with serious blood clots. A sad end for a great player; during that season he was forced into retirement and we all miss him on the court.

Chris Bosh stands tall among his peers as one of the best power forwards in recent times. His efforts to help drive Miami Heat’s 2010s dynasty will remain engraved in history forever.


Our list of the best NBA players with dreads highlighted some serious talent! From reliable veterans to new faces, these stars will wow you on-court and off – thanks for tuning in.

Take a look at the top 20 NBA stars rocking dreads. From Dwyane Wade to Russell Westbrook, these players prove that you can take your game to the next level and still show off awesome style.

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