JiDion reveals that.......viral WNBA sleeping prank - Tech Preview

JiDion admitted during the Flagrant podcast with Andrew Schulz that he came close to withdrawing from the viral WNBA sleeping prank, which finally led to his ban from attending future games.

In recent years, JiDion has gained popularity on YouTUbe due to his viral prank videos, attracting millions of views across various social media platforms.

In his latest prank, he attended a basketball event of women and pretended to be asleep in courtside seats.

After the prank, JiDion received an immediate ban from all NBA-related events, and he had now disclosed that the prank was almost cancelled before it even took place. 

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JiDion came very close to reconsidering the viral WNBA sleeping prank

JiDion came close to cancelling the viral WNBA sleeping prank, as he revealed in an interview with Andrew Schulz on the FLafrant podcast.

"I was at their game, genuinely having a great time. I told my filmer, 'Yeah, I am not doing it, 'and I chickened out. I seriously considered not going through with it, "he recounted. However, after discussing the idea with some friends, they persuaded him to take his sleeping bag, head, and pillow to his courtside seats to film the video.
"We went through with it. I did feel guilty, though, "he continued. "It was a mean-spirited thing to do."

The YouTuber also criticized those who labelled him as “misogynistic” after the prank went viral just because it took place at a WNBA event.

JiDion stated that engaging in trolling behaviour does not imply any hatred towards women.

There seems to be no indication of him slowing down with his videos; in fact, Ji’s YouTube channel is currently more popular than ever.

Also, he collaborated with Niko Omilana to create a YouTube series called “The Biggest Menace,” which gained popularity, though the series concluded earlier this year.

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