JiDion gets himself banned from all NBA and WNBA events- tech preview

JiDion, the well-known and popular prankster known for his pranks, received a ban from attending “all NBA-related events” following his latest high-profile sports prank at a WNBA game. His antics often unfold at major sporting events, which contributes to his fame on the platform.

Lastly, JiDion faced ejection from athletic competitions, like the US Open, when he decided to get a haircut while seated courtside. It is important to note that he had also gone for a courtside haircut during an NBA game the year before, but he managed to escape any consequences for the cosmetic mishap.

While JiDion’s previous sporting pranks mainly involved him observing from the sidelines, his latest practical joke took a different turn as he engaged in the action. However, this active participation resulted in his expulsion from the game entirely.

JiDion shared a prank video on July 19, in which he chose to taunt players and fans during a WNBA game featuring the Dallas Wings and Minnesota Lynx.

After complaints of JiDion to a referee about the heat, a basketball flew into the crowd, landing right in his area. Seizing the opportunity, he recovered the ball, but rather than returning it to the ref, he chose to take a shot himself, only to miss the attempt.

As a result of his prank, JiDion faced expulsion from the game. An arena staff member escorted him away from the court and, in a conversation that JiDion recorded, informed him that shooting the ball was not permitted.

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“We will send you home tonight,” the staff member said. “You might get a trespass from the team. You should have not taken a shot during the game.”

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JiDion’s Fans Overwhelm WNBA’s Instagram with Comments After His ‘Sleeping’ Prank

After JiDion had successfully executed his ‘sleeping prank,’ his fans flooded the WNBA Instagram account with comments. Undeterred by the last incident, JiDion later attended another WNBA game in Los Angeles. During the game, he sprawled out on some courtside seats, complete with a pillow and blanket, and decide to take a nap, seemingly unfazed by the earlier consequences.

However, history repeated itself as JiDion once again found himself ejected from the second game, leading to the next ban from attending “all NBA-related events’ imposed by the staff.

In reply to the recent pranks of JiDion, his fan-following has actively engaged with the comment section on the official WNBA Instagram account. They have many comments with sleeping emojis, aligning with the title of the video of JiDion; “Don’t Sleep on the WNBA!”

As we have mentioned earlier, this is not the first time that the pranks of JiDion have led to his expulsion from a sporting event. Similarly, he faced the possibility of trespassing charges at the last event as well.

Really, in April, JiDion faced criminal trespassing charges after his prank at a Texas University, which got him involved with the legal system.

Read More: JiDion gets himself banned from all NBA and WNBA events 
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