The fake news issue on Facebook seems to be lingering long and finally CEO Mark Zuckerberg said even though such misinformation content accounted for less than one percent but the company has a responsibility to address it.

Zuckerberg added they have outlined several ways to address it and called the problem to be a philosophically and technically complicated one.

The social giant said significant progress has been made to solve the problem and prevent persisting similar things in future, but more work is yet to be done in the segment.

The CEO proposed for stronger machine learning for the purpose of detecting such misinformation and to report to user in an easier way.

The company has also warned the fake news websites would be removed from its ad program.

The fake news problem was much highlighted first time when a headline read, “FBI Agent Suspected in Hillary Email Leaks Found Dead.”

It is also being blamed Facebook tipped the recent US presidential election by turning a blind eye to the fake news flood that favored Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Several sensitive fake news pieces started running on the platform just days before the November 8 poling day on a site for a made-up publication called Denver Guardian.

The fake news suggested Clinton plotted murders of an imaginary agent as well as his imaginary wife. The news piece was shared by more than 568,000 users on the platform.

Share your own views whether you too believed the fake news pieces were really true just ahead of the election.