7 Best Freelancing Websites To Work

7 Best Freelancing Websites To Work

Best Freelancing Websites

Whether you are looking for a way to pay the bills or exploring for more professional development opportunities, or you just love the freedom that freelance websites offer, this list of best freelancing websites is all you need.

There is no doubt that so many people have discovered the benefits of professional freelancing. There are lots of guides for striking on their own but as a freelancer, getting high pay gigs is not just a matter of signing up on famous platforms.

Designers, writers, developers, and marketers have the opportunity to search for multiple freelancers jobs. All apps have special features that are designed to meet your expectations and needs. So in this article, we will share some of the best freelancing websites to work.

Some Best Freelance Websites


This website is a combined application of Elance and oDeck that creates one biggest pleasant market for freelancers. It is likely to get orders from all over the world in various categories. The steps to joining Upwork and receiving different jobs are simple and straightforward. Also, you can access millions of freelancers working with millions of clients.

For the beginner, this website takes about 10 to 20 percent of the payments until you have built a regular connection with one client. For example, once you have billed $500 from a certain client, then all payments after that share will only be charged a 10% fee by the Upwork. Also, you will find this app helpful if you are willing to be competitive.


This website motivates freelancers to take action and begin working to make a living. For beginners, they are paid around $5 for a normal job, but the money multiplies fast. You can choose the types of services you are looking to do, and there are various job options that will arise. Fiverr is a great platform of information for freelancers.


Many people have used this app to post different freelance jobs online. However, it is possible to look for freelance jobs in Indeed, as they collect freelancers from different interwebs and then arrange them in one place. It is free to join, providing freelancers from all over the world an opportunity to work.


Freelancer is a leading app and website to find freelancing jobs from different parts of the world. Freelancer provides the page for freelancers who want to hire or for the client who wants to post the jobs and for the people who are ready and capable of working. The jobs offered on the freelancer app or the website is based on hourly or fixed payment contracts. The websites give all the information and the guidelines needed to know by the new freelancer. 

There are thousands of clients who share the work through the website, therefore creating a broad range of job possibilities to apply to.


On this website, the freelancer can build a profile sharing their experience and skills. Moreover, it is simple to contact potential employees, you are also able to get jobs, but this site will charge 9 percent commission. 

This website allows you to access their services, and as a freelancer, you will be able to search for more work. This platform has a messaging system and safety feature that allows you to ensure all the money for any work done is safe.


This freelancing website provides employers to search for freelance designers in some ways. Designhill has plenty to offer, whether you are a web designer, a graphic designer, or pursuing other types of design. This site further courts the creatives by giving them the chance to design their own T-shirts, get them printed, and you can sell them in their online shop. This is the best way to provide freelance designers to work out there and make some bucks off their artistry.

Simply Hired

This website does not charge the client to post the jobs, and that opens the job opportunities. And for freelancers, if you want to be seen by potential clients, this website makes it super simple to upload a resume and get the profile up and running. Simply Hired job search functions also come in handy, letting you search which job you like. Simply Hired also gives great resources for job seekers, with patterns on cover letter writing, resume writing, and other information to help freelancers. 

Final Words

Finding freelancing jobs is easily available with these best freelancing websites, which we have mentioned above. Millions of people have earned side money through freelancing jobs. You also find the category of job you are looking for on the websites provided. If you find this information useful, drop a comment below this section.