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Beef Netflix, the latest comedy-drama series from Netflix, has been released to enthusiastic acclaim. In this article, we will discuss about the beef plot and the talented cast members involved, and whether it is worth adding to your watchlist.

Throughout the year 2023, Netflix has been captivating audiences with a vast array of movies and Beef (TV series), and TV shows that cater to different preferences. From the exciting political thriller The Night Agent, which is rafted by Shawn Ryan, to the heartwarming family adventure film Chupa, the streaming platform offers a vast selection to keep everyone entertained.

The newest addition to the streaming service, Beef, is a compelling and binge-worthy journey that revolves around two strangers entangled in their grievances while grappling with the weight of longstanding family expectations.

Check out the trailer below:

As Beef continues to maintain its spot in the top 10 rankings of Netflix and receives praise from critics, here is a complete guide with everyone you should know about the show.

What does Beef Netflix entail?

Beef is a ten-episode comedy-drama that kicks off with a road rage confrontation, but as the story unfolds, it delves deeper into the lives of each character and their relationships.

The official summary states: "Beef centres around the consequences of a road rage recounter involving two unfamiliar individuals. Danny Cho, a struggling contractor burdened with frustration, clashes with Amy Lau, a successful self-made entrepreneur with an idyllic existence."

As their intensifies, the escalating ramifications of their feud unfold, bringing about profound emotional moments and darkly humorous situations in this compelling and poignant series.

Lee Sung Jin, the showrunner, spoke about the scriptwriting process, revealing how Beef evolved into a production that is “totally unpredictable” whereas also touching on unexpected and deeply personal elements.

Once the room of the writer was up and running, we focused less on the conventional scriptwriting, “he explained. “Instead, we dedicated a substantial amount of time to collecting personal stories, observations, and anecdotes from our own lives and those around us.

Beef Netflix cast: who is there in the series?

Beef Netflix cast includes:

  • Danny Cho as Steven Yeun
  • Amy Lau Ali Wong as
  • George Nakai as Joseph Lee
  • Paul Cho as Young Mazino
  • Isaac Cho as David Choe
  • Fumi Nakai as Patti Yasutake
  • Maria Bello as Jordan Forster
  • Naomi Forster as Ashley Park
  • Edwin as Justin H. Min
  • Mia as Mia Serafino
  • June as Remy Holt
  • Michael as Andrew Santino
  • Bobby as Rek Lee
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