Apple Store will henceforth will be called just Apple store, which means the outlet is rechristened as Apple, simplifying its retail branding.

It is said the retail outlet will be simply called as “Apple” followed by the location of specific store like Apple World Trade Center .

Apple would say the change is not for the sake of change, but to reframe its retail locations.

Apple’s senior VP of retail Angela Ahrendts said during the unveiling of Apple Union Square that their store becomes one with the community.

MacRumors tech website writes the iDevice giant has mailed its retail staff they are dropping the word ‘Store’ and the outlets will henceforth be called as just ‘Apple’ and followed by the name of store locations.

The rebranding has already kicked off and could be seen on the websites of Apple’s various stores.

However, the roll out at all the retail outlets will take some time.

Lately the Apple outlets are offering more of a boutique feel to its customers and are being positioned as more of a community hub. Those are equipped with fancy headphone setups and “avenue” displays as well to showcase different products.

Presently Apple is also focusing on iPhone photography accessories at its stores and also to keep that foot traffic high day in and day out.

Apple opened its first two retail outlets on May 19th, 2001.

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