List of iPhone 6 Cardholder cases- Tech Preview

The iPhone 6 has the best thing called Apple Pay. It is like having your credit cards on your phone. So, you might not need to carry physical cards. But guess what? iPhone 6 wallet cases are still awesome.

We found lots of cool wallet cases for the iPhone 6. They’re made of really good leather, so they last a long time, and they look super cool.

Whether you want a fancy one or just something simple and useful, there is a perfect case for you. Let us check them out:

Best iPhone 6 Cardholder cases


You will love the LAMEEKU wallet case. It does everything you need! It keeps your iPhone safe from shocks and covers the whole thing. The nice leather feel and cool design make it look really stylish.

On the back, there are three secret slots for your cards. This cool wallet case comes in four colours: black, blue, brown, and light brown.


If you want a case that can hold lots of cards, Vofolen is perfect for you. You can keep up to nine cards and some cash in it. The case looks really nice, thanks to the good PU leather.

It is strong against shocks because it has six magnets. And guess what? You can choose from six different colours for your smartphone.


If you do not like carrying a big wallet, ZVEdeng has a solution for you. Their cardholder case may be big, but it is super useful. Here is why: there is a little pouch attached to it with a zipper. All your cards and cash stay safe in that small leather bag.

The cool part? You can take off the pouch when you do not need your cards and just keep the case. Also, there are metal sheets inside so that you can stick your iPhone to your car’s magnetic mount.

CM4 Q Card Carrying Case

If you want a super slim wallet case, check out CM4’s Q Card Case. It is perfect for holding three cards, IDs, and some cash. The case is made of a special, strong rubber and fabric that lasts a long time.

What’s great about it is the slim design and light material, making it easy to use when you are out and about. This wallet case makes sure your phone stays safe from drops, and it even has a screen protector to stop scratches.

Silk Vault Slim Wallet Case

You will love the Silk Vault Slim Wallet Case because it can hold three cards and some cash in its slots. It is a super slim case that fits your iPhone 6 perfectly. The design is just one piece, giving your phone complete protection.

The case is built with a strong structure to absorb shocks. And because it has a smooth touch finish, it easily goes in and out of your pocket. This wallet case even comes with a top-notch screen protector that prevents scratches and lays flat, keeping your screen safe.


Check out this awesome case from FYY. When they make leather look elegant and graceful, you get a fantastic case like this. FYY went above and beyond in making a wallet case. It is strong, stylish, and full of elegance.

All those practical details do not even matter when you see how charming this case is. You will definitely love this leather wallet case as soon as you see it.

Spigen Slim Armor Wallet Case

Check out this super slim Spigen case. It has a part at the back that slides up and down, and it can hold two IDs or credit cards. Even though it is really thin, it still keeps your phone safe. The case is made with PU and Polycarbonate, making it extra strong.

It has cool shock-absorbing technology and air cushion edges that protect your phone if it accidentally falls.


Check out the cool wallet case from MOLLYCOOCLE. It has got a special design that makes it stand out. The case looks really nice with its shimmer and elegant style. The PU leather gives it a good grip, so you are less likely to drop it.

Your iPhone is completely covered and safe from all sides of this case. However, do not worry; you can still easily use all the important ports and buttons because of the precise cutouts.


ULAK did something special to make this beautiful case just for you, especially if you are a woman who is always on the go. Whether you are going to a party or a formal office event, this case keeps your iPhone safe.

The floral design on the PU leather makes this wallet case really stand out. The soft TPU case can hold three cards and some cash. And guess what? It comes with a foldable kickstand, so you can easily watch things hands-free.


Check out the Taken wallet case for your iPhone 6/6s. It is made of PU leather and has a classic handmade design. This case is awesome because it is resistant to dust, scratches, and changes in temperature, so it stays cool for a long time.

It has a strong magnetic buckle that keeps the cover firmly attached, making sure your iPhone 6s stays safe inside. Inside, there are three slots – two for cards and one for cash. There is even an extra slot in the back for small change or a transportation card.

If you are looking for an affordable and super easy-to-use wallet case for your iPhone, this one is perfect for you.


Look at this pretty floral wallet case from JanCalm! They made it with fancy PU leather, and the pink flowers on the black background look really cool, right?

The case is all soft inside, keeping your iPhone safe. There is no need to stress about scratches, dirt, or the regular wear and tear of daily use.


Check out this simple leather case from Zover for your iPhone 6s. It is made of soft, eco-friendly top-grain leather. Zover kept it really simple and made it in seven cool colours.

Each case has a nice, calming colour and looks really professional. Plus, the magnetic closure makes it easy to open and close without any trouble.


Check out this cool cover from Bcov. They put a Mandala pattern on it. When you open it up and look at the back, you see a whole circle that is like the universe. It is different from the usual designs, making it stand out.

The cover fits perfectly on your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6. Once it is on, there is no need to worry about scratches and chips. Moreover, do not worry about using your iPhone – the precise cutouts make it easy to get to all the important ports, buttons, and controls.

People May Also Ask

Can you use an iPhone 6 case for an iPhone 6s?

Absolutely! Some iPhone models are so close in size, just a 0.1-0.2 mm difference, that the same case fits them perfectly! Check out which cases work for both: 6 / 6S, 7, 8, and SE (2020).

Which is better, iPhone 6 or 6s?

The iPhone 6s is better. It is faster bout 70 percent faster, says Apple. Plus, it has double the RAM of the iPhone 6, making it noticeably quicker in most tasks and better at doing many things at once.

What is the toughest iPhone case?

The Spigen Slim Armor is our top choice for the best strong iPhone case. It is super thin but gives military-grade drop protection.

Are iPhone 6 and 6S waterproof?

Nope, the iPhone 6S is not waterproof. The important parts like the circuit board, speaker, headphones, and SIM card tray are not waterproof, so it is best to keep your 6S away from liquids.

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