Apple launching iPhone 11 on September 10

The launch date of Apple’s iPhone 11 flagship is speculated to be September 10 and preorder to start three days later on September 13. The phone might release on September 20.

If believed to rumor mill, moving away from the Lightning connector, welcoming 5G and massively refreshed screen technology would not be possible before 2020, at least. Apple has dropped out obvious next step to the iPhone XS and iPhone Pro is mooted too. Instead, there will be iPhone 11, iPhone 11R and iPhone 11 Max.

However, there is some information about the upcoming phone. It will be the poster-child for iOS 13 and might come with three sensors on iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max. The iPhone 11R is to probably get just two. All the three are to be equipped with some smart charging features, which has been much awaited.

The price of iPhone 11 could probably be around $999 and above, but there are reports it could be lower as iPhone XS didn’t go well with the same price strategy without having massive change in the functionality or design. Previous forecast mentions Apple to make the phone more affordable this time and so iPhone 11R could be a bit cheaper if the camera part is not much enhanced.

It is also learned Apple had earlier planned to launch iPhone 11 on September 11, but it is a holiday in North America. So the date September 10 has been chosen.